What was korean war about

what was korean war about

Korean War Fast Facts

May 10,  · The Korean war began on June 25, , when some 75, soldiers from the North Korean People’s Army poured across the 38th parallel, the boundary between the Soviet-backed Democratic People’s. Korean War, conflict between the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea) and the Republic of Korea (South Korea) in which at least million persons lost their lives. The war reached international proportions in June when North Korea, supplied and advised by the Soviet Union, invaded the South.

Although hostilities ceased inthere has been no formal end to the war. Photos: Photos: Scenes from the Korean War. Click through to see more scenes from the Korean War. Hide Caption. The war began on June 25,when the North Korean People's Army crossed the 38th parallel and easily overwhelmed South Korean forces in a surprise attack. On June 30,President Harry S. Truman ordered American troops into the fighting.

The armistice ending the war was signed in Julyand its terms included the creation of the Demilitarized Zone. Scenes from the Korean War — A U. Army chaplain prays by injured soldiers at a combat field hospital in August Scenes from the Korean War — U. Marines attack Hagaru-ri, North Korea, in December Scenes from the Korean War — Gen. Douglas MacArthur, center, head of the U.

Scenes from the Korean War — The th U. Scenes from the Korean War — North Korean prisoners of war make baskets on the floor of a storage barn at a prison, circa Scenes from the Korean War — Marines use a flamethrower in April Marines duck for cover in a bunker as a shell explodes in April Causes of the Korean War. The Soviet Union occupied the area north of the 38th parallel and the United States occupied the area south until North Korea wants reunification under communist rule.

Read More. Other Facts. The first war in which the United Nations played a role. When asked to send military aid to South Korea, 16 countries sent troops and 41 sent equipment or aid. China fought on the side of North Korea, and the Soviet Union sent them military equipment.

The first war with battles between jet aircraft. The truce talks lasted two years and 17 days. The casualty toll had been reported as 54, until Junewhen the Pentagon acknowledged that a clerical error had included deaths outside the Korean War theater in the total. There are 7, American soldiers still unaccounted for from the Korean War as of April There has never been a peace treaty, so technically, the Korean War has never ended.

US Troops Statistics. Source: Dept. Other Casualties by Country killed and missing. Source: Encyclopedia Britannica South Korea -military, 1, civilian North Korea -military,civilian China -military. November - The United Nations General Assembly approves elections to be held throughout Korea to choose a provisional government for the entire county.

The Soviet Union opposes this. May 10, - The people of South Korea elect a national assembly, setting up the government of the Republic of Korea. The north refuses to take part. What was korean war about 30, - Truman orders ground troops into action.

July - In the first month of the war, US soldiers kill significant numbers of Korean civilians under a bridge, near what was korean war about village called No Gun Ri. It is unclear whether the soldiers were ordered to kill civilians or acted on their own. July 10, - Truce talks begin at Kaesong. October 25, - Truce talks are moved to Panmunjom. November 27, - Both sides agree the existing how to stop blood loss lines would be the final dividing line between North and South Korea if a truce is reached in 30 days.

April - Truce talks are deadlocked over voluntary repatriation. October 8, - Truce talks are adjourned. April 26, - Truce talks are resumed, and the Communists agree to voluntary repatriation. The Republic of Korea refuses to sign.

However, hostilities cease within 12 hours. Terms of the armistice include creation of the demilitarized zone, the DMZ. Each side is 2, yards from a center point. The DMZ is patrolled by both sides at all times. Because of the involvement of the United Nations and countries such what college stadium holds the most people the United States and China in the war, these nations will need to be signatories on an official peace treaty.

North vs. South Korea

Aug 11,  · The Korean War was the first time the United States military engaged in a shooting conflict after the end of World War II; it was also the first . Jun 28,  · A woman and child wander among debris in Pyongyang, North Korea, after an air raid by U.S. planes, circa The war began on June 25, , when the North Korean People's Army crossed the 38th. Harry S. Truman - Harry S. Truman - Outbreak of the Korean War: In June military forces of communist North Korea suddenly plunged southward across the 38th parallel boundary in an attempt to seize noncommunist South Korea. Outraged, Truman reportedly responded, “By God, I’m going to let them [North Korea] have it!” Truman did not ask Congress for a declaration of war, and he was.

In June military forces of communist North Korea suddenly plunged southward across the 38th parallel boundary in an attempt to seize noncommunist South Korea. Douglas MacArthur to repel the invasion. South Korea was liberated, but MacArthur wanted a victory over the communists, not merely restoration of the status quo. Hundreds of thousands of Chinese troops then poured into North Korea, pushing the fighting once again down to the 38th parallel. When MacArthur insisted on extending the war to China and using nuclear weapons to defeat the communists, Truman removed him from command—a courageous assertion of civilian control over the military.

The administration was devoted to its policy of containment. The inability of the United States to achieve a clear-cut victory in Korea following Soviet conquests in eastern Europe and the triumph of communism in China led many Americans to conclude that the United States was losing the Cold War.

In March he announced he was not going to run for reelection. By the time he left the White House in January , his approval rating was just 31 percent; it had peaked at 87 percent in July His Fair Deal social programs, such as those delineating civil rights for African Americans, had been defeated during his presidency but were enacted in the s and retained by Democratic and Republican administrations alike.

Truman did, however, issue an executive order that desegregated the military, and he was noted for appointing African Americans to high-level positions. His reputation suffered slightly in the s, when scholars highlighted the fact that in private conversation and personal correspondence, Truman told off-colour jokes and referred to minorities and ethnic groups in terms considered highly offensive today. He enjoyed joking with reporters, and he seems to have initiated a controversy over the period after his middle initial.

He remained in good health, spending his days reading voraciously, until the mids, when he declined rapidly. On Christmas Day , Truman lapsed into unconsciousness, and he died the next morning. Harry S. Truman Show more. Videos Images Audio. Additional Info. Load Previous Page. Outbreak of the Korean War In June military forces of communist North Korea suddenly plunged southward across the 38th parallel boundary in an attempt to seize noncommunist South Korea.

United Nations forces fighting to recapture Seoul, South Korea, from communist invaders, September Britannica Quiz. All-American History Quiz. Who was the original Edsel? When did a U. Go back in time for the all-American answers. Harry Truman with desegregated troops, Load Next Page.

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