What temperature does fire turn blue

what temperature does fire turn blue

What Are the Colors of a Fire & How Hot Are They?

Why Fire Turns Blue. Fires burn because of a chemical reaction between oxygen and a fuel source. The color of the fire changes depending on how hot the fire is burning. Blue flames come when the fire gets hotter. But what actually is a fire, and how does it burn hot enough to turn blue? What Actually Is a Fire . Copper chloride makes fire blue. What is the average temperature of a house fire? The average house fire burns at a temperature of 1, degrees fahrenheit. The temperature may vary if the fire is.

Asked by Wiki User. Copper chloride makes fire blue. Because of what its made of. Because when the fire is blue, it what are considered grains food at its hottest temperature. So all the science idiots out there can use the hottest fire haahahahah.

Stars are blue because of their age and temperature. Blue is an indication of a young HOT star, when reddish color means the star is aging. When the flame takes on the color of blue this means that the fire is at the highest temperature. The fire is at its hottest and may take lesser time to heat whatever needs to be heated.

Blue : cold like ice Red: hot lke fire. Depending on temperature and what is burning, the flame could be blue, red, orange, white. No, blue fire is a lot hotter.

Blue section. No a carrot can not turn you blue. You need some sort of gas for example when you fart. And tip it on the fire. The gas not water Make sure it is not a chemical dangerous gas. In other words just fart on the fire. As a star burns more and more of its fuel, it becomes cooler and cooler, turning the outside yellowish to whitish. When most of its fuel burns out, a star will turn red on the outside. This is just like a fire. A blue fire is likely to be hotter than a red fire.

It's because of the temperature of the star. The temperature defines the colour of the star. A red star is cooler than a blue one. Imagine heating an iron rod. It will start off black, then red, then orange, then yellow and if you continue heating it, it will turn white. If you could heat it a lot more it would turn blue. The average house fire burns at a temperature of 1, degrees fahrenheit. The temperature may vary if the fire is started by arson. It depends on the temperature of the fire.

Red is a low temperature fire, yellow being pretty hot, white being very hot, and blue being extremely hot. Though fire can achieve different colors through various gas excitations, the most common colors of fire are red, yellow, white, and blue. This is because the gas blocks out some colors, and not others, and the combination of colors that aren't blocked create the color that we see, or the color that is perceived by the eye. Ask Question. Earth Sciences. See Answer. Top Answer. Wiki User Answered Related Questions.

What makes fire turn blue? What turns fire blue? Does salt turn fire blue? What temperature is a blue fire? Is blue flame easy to see? Why does fire turn blue? Why does copper chloride turn fire blue? What gas do you use to make fire turn blue?

Why does fire turn blue when copper touches it? Why is the blue flame used most in experiments? How color of light is related with surface temperature? Why do stars turn blue? What color of fire is the hottest? Why fire is red? Why are the colors red and blue used for temperature and precipitation respectively in climate graphs? What color is fire? Is orange fire hotter than blue fire?

You have determined there there is no fire at this incident involving ethylene oxide. Which section of the ERG should you turn to? Can a carrot turn you blue?

How do you turn fire blue? How does the color of a star relate to its temperature? Why are blue stars hotter than red stars? What is the average temperature of a house fire? What color is a fire? What's the most outdated thing you still use today? What blood type is the universal donor? What is fgteevs phone number? How many square feet are in an how to read an astrology chart wheel Hottest Questions How did chickenpox get its name?

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Mar 19,  · We usually think of fire as being red and orange, but sometimes flames are blue. Find out what's happening to make a flame turn blue. 4 rows · An LPG burns with a blue flame at a temperature of around 1,°C, as noted on the flame. Aug 26,  · Anytime you see blue in a fire it is hotter than white. The range is between 2, and 3, degrees Fahrenheit and its the most oxygen-rich .

According to the info above source: Wikipedia the difference between red-hot and white-hot is about degrees. But what about blue-hot? Anytime you see blue in a fire it is hotter than white.

The range is between 2, and 3, degrees Fahrenheit and its the most oxygen-rich type of flame. A bunsen burner is a good example:. Bunsen burners use a mixture of gases.

Gas burns hotter than organic materials such as wood and straw. Natural gas stove flames are blue. Propane flames are blue with yellow tips. The hottest fires are from oxyacetylene torches about degrees Centigrade that combine oxygen and gas to create pinpoint blue flames. Color also tells us about the temperature of a candle flame. That is the hottest part of the flame. The color inside the flame becomes yellow, orange, and finally red.

The further you get from the center of the flame, the lower the temperature will be. The round blue flame is a photo of a candle burning experimen t in the International Space Station. Candle flames on earth have several different temperatures within the flame due to the variations caused by convection flows.

In the zero gravity of the space station the flame burns rounder, slower, hotter and more blue. Our traditional associations for color and temperature tell us that red is hot and blue is cold.

How hard is it to think of blue as a hot color? Traditional color theory says that warm colors advance and cool colors recede. In my experience, this is only true when the colors are the same saturation. If you have a pure red and a pure blue — the red advances. If you have a brick red and a bright turquoise blue — the blue advances. Higher saturation trumps warmth every time. Weaver Michael Rohde plays with color in his tapestries and rugs.

When does the blue jump in front of the red in this rug? December 11, at am. This web sight has helped me a lot with my science fair project because it is based off of the color of fire. September 3, at pm. September 29, at pm. August 27, at am. Being a science geek, I have always thought of it as the hot color.

I have to always remind myself when I use a faucet that red is hot. God knows why I do everytime. Your email address will not be published. Teaching might even be the greatest of the arts since the medium is the human mind and spirit. What the educator does in teaching is to make it possible for the students to become themselves.

Stay tuned for virtual events! Maggie Maggio Smashing Color for the 21st Century. Search for:. The dominant color in a flame changes with temperature. The photo of the fireplace fire is a good example of this variation.

Near the logs, where most burning is occurring, the fire is white, the hottest color possible for organic material in general, or yellow. Above the yellow region, the color changes to orange, which is cooler, then red, which is cooler still.

Above the red region, combustion no longer occurs, and the uncombusted carbon particles are visible as black smoke. The temperature range from Red to White:.

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