What statue do you bury to sell your house

what statue do you bury to sell your house

Prayer to St. Joseph to Sell House

Apr 04,  · If You Want to Try Using the St. Joseph Statue to Sell Your House Many statues and kits are inexpensive, in the under-$20 range. You can find St. Joseph plain or painted, wearing a Biblical dress or a carpenter’s apron, making holy gestures or holding his tools. Ask: Ask St. Joseph to help you sell your home. Believe: Believe in St. Joseph to intercede to God, for the granting of your request; Trust: Bury or place St. Joseph’s statue on the property as an outward sign of your belief and trust in his power.

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Apr 16,  · How you bury him depends on which source you consult and your own preference, but the most frequently mentioned method is that he should be buried upside down in the front yard facing the house. Jan 15,  · There is no Catholic doctrine stating that burying a statue of St. Joseph will help you sell your house. Church teachings do suggest that calling for St. Joseph's intercession when selling your home can help, though, which is why keeping a statue of St. Joseph in your home during the sale would likely work just as well as burying the statue. Get breaking Finance news and the latest business articles from AOL. From stock market news to jobs and real estate, it can all be found here.

Many of us, religious or not, recognize St. Well, who better? Many sellers believe burying a statue of St. Joseph will help them get their house sold.

The practice may seem odd to some, but every seller knows you have to do what you can to edge past the competition. Need help selling your house? We've compiled a complete stress-free walkthrough of the home-selling process, filled with advice from top-performing real estate agents.

There are parades, homemade altars, red clothes, and gifts of food to charity. A Rhode Island kosher bakery has even been known to bake red bagels in honor of his color on that day.

Teresa of Avila needed land for another convent in the 16th century. She and her nuns buried medals of St. Joseph and prayed to him. It was not long before they got the land they needed to continue their work. There is also the old German ritual of carpenters burying a statue of their patron St. Joseph in the foundation of the house they were building.

The story says they abruptly changed their minds and made the sale! Any of these legends may have contributed to the belief that the St. Joseph statue can help in a real estate deal. There is really no record in folklore about statue burial as a widespread practice.

The Roman Catholic Church does not officially recognize or reject St. In fact, holding at least some Christian belief in the Holy Family seems to be enough to make burying the St. Joseph statue to sell your house an option. But beware thinking of it as just a superstition or calling St.

Joseph a mere good luck charm. Joseph statue; sources agree on a few things and give mixed messages about others. A small, simple statue of St.

Joseph is all you need. The statue should be wrapped in a clean cloth, such as a small towel, to protect it. Some people also use a plastic bag with a seal.

Then, sources agree, you need to say your prayers. When your house sells, retrieve the statue from the ground and take it with you. Some instructions say if you leave St. In any case, leaving him in the ground seems ungrateful. Much better, and recommended, to find him a spot in your new home as a show of thanks. Perhaps where he has a nice view. And you know what? There are plenty of comments from people whose homes sold fairly soon after, or remarkably soon after, they planted a statue.

Not long after, his local dump where the St. Joseph statue ultimately ended up…got sold. The results of an unscientific survey of Amazon reviews for one statue kit are what you would expect from any broad look at the real estate market: some homes sold quickly, some sold eventually, and some have not sold.

This is what the reviews say, and you could have guessed that. But there are a lot of reviews! A lot. The believer and people willing to try anything are reviewing almost daily. About 50 reviews so far in for just that one kit, and they pop up non-stop through , too.

Using the St. Joseph statue to sell your house is definitely still a Thing. You can find St. Some are rather cute, others serene and serious. Kits contain instructions and prayers, which are also online for free , but some of the prayer cards look nicely made for display in your home while the saint is underground.

Unless, that is, you rely only on the statue: to borrow a phrase, St. Joseph will be more likely to help those who help themselves! A successful home sale takes work, an absolutely amazing real estate team , and especially a great real estate agent.

The saint might smile upon your combined efforts to list gorgeous photos, clean, repair, stage the house, get that curb appeal, market and show the house well, etc. After all, St. As happy as you might be for people who feel their faith was rewarded, you still want an agent with a proven home-selling track record in your area. HomeLight can find you that fantastic real estate agent by analyzing millions of housing transactions across the country.

Teachings about St. Maybe still have a zeppole. Seller Resources. Yes, but this? The History of Celebrating St. Makes sense.

Bury him 12 inches deep. Or not. Place him upside-down so that he will be motivated to free himself by getting your house sold. To remind him to get your house sold. Joseph Statues to Sell Their House? Plant red flowers, add a door wreath, or re-paint the mailbox flag. Put flowers in a beautiful vase. Get a red For Sale sign. Plant or display a lily or two, as they are associated with St. Leave out a welcoming red plate of zeppole traditional Italian pastry of fried dough dusted with sugar, and sometimes filled with cream , used to celebrate his feast day, for potential buyers.

Or some of those red bagels if you can get them. A great real estate agent is still the best guarantee your house will get sold.

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