What kind of cologne does president obama wear

what kind of cologne does president obama wear

What cologne does Donald Trump wear?

Apr 14,  · What type of cologne does Barack Obama wear? What cologne does leadership smell like I am curious Source(s): type cologne barack obama wear: https Are you saying that the opposition never before criticized a President? Do you remember the vitriol regarding Bush and Cheney? When was the last time Fox News called anyone "the worst person. Jun 08,  · President Obama Cologne Cover-Up Exposed 6/8/ PM PT President Barack Obama smells so good -- according to Vivica A. Fox -- we figured there's got to be something wrong.

There are meetings and summits galore, and making a good impression is absolutely crucial, even for the president, who is undoubtedly at the top of the heap.

Clothes make the man, but the wrong scent can unmake him. For this reason, US presidents know the value of an understated and refined scent. The current US president is hardly new what does pdt stand for in time zones the high-life. He had his own line of cologne Success long before he assumed the office, but whether this is his brand of choice or not is a mystery. The fragrance line was discontinued inbut if Trump was a fan of his own branded scent, he may have kept a few bottles for personal use.

Many have commented, for instance, that Michelle Obama smells like fresh cherries. The cologne is made by noted perfumer Topper Schroeder and is called Gendarme. The aroma is fresh and clean, almost soapy. This strong but dignified cologne is made from Indian agarwood tree extract mixed with pinkberry and Sicilian bergamot.

John F. Kennedy was a huge fan of Ernest Hemingway and his works. Hemingway famously wore America One 31, a scent created by Rose Krigler, a good friend of the author.

As a young man then a US senatorKennedy visited France and, hearing that the Krigler perfumery was nearby, he paid the place a visit. He liked the cologne and its association with the famous writer so much that he took a few bottles home with him.

He wore the scent for the rest of his life. Your email address will not be published. Hollywood Men. Share What gbp stands for in money Post:. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.


Oct 20,  · What cologne does President Obama wear? The public has a right to know. Just Wondering:) Answer Save. 4 Answers. Relevance. Ashlynn. Lv 4. 1 decade ago. Will you still wear a face mask when you don't have to/aren't forced to anymore? . Feb 19,  · The cologne is made by noted perfumer Topper Schroeder and is called Gendarme. It’s an extremely subtle mixture of lemon, lime, and bergamot with hints of lilac and jasmine. The aroma is fresh and clean, almost soapy. There’s a reason that President Clinton chose this inoffensive cologne as his signature scent: it doesn’t trigger his allergies. Sep 22,  · In Thanks, Obama, I write about a few of the times his bantering skills put me to shame. In terms of swearing, on a scale of one (Romney) to ten (Scaramucci), I'd say President Obama .

G ordon Brown simpered, the Queen practically cooed, Silvio Berlusconi seemed a little giddy in the strength of his affection.

Europe tumbled head over heels for the Obamas last week, and has found itself, in the dusty, anticlimactic aftermath of their visit, breathless for the smallest snatch of information about his workout routine, their choice of pet, her brand of false eyelashes.

Like the Queen and her children, back when anybody cared about them, Obama's endorsements now function a little like royal warrants, lending instant desirability to whatever brand of trainer or loo roll that this new taste Midas deigns to touch.

So are we able to piece together a picture of what's hot and what's not on planet Obama? Happily, yes we can. But what's this? Don't you just hate bandwagon-jumpers? A basketball nut, the president supports his hometown team the Chicago Bulls, and has said that whenever he gets a spare moment to relax he likes to check out their progress in the sports pages. In February he lent a little presidential magic to the team by sitting courtside while they took on the Washington Wizards. They lost.

Chicago has two major baseball teams, the White Sox and the Cubs, but Obama's allegiance is unequivocal. I'm not one of these fairweather fans who go to Wrigley Field [home of the Cubs] People aren't watching the game - it's not serious. White Sox, that's baseball. Trainers, since you ask, by Asics. Despite making it a condition of his presidential campaign that he quit smoking, Michelle hadn't quite persuaded her husband to kick the habit last October, when he admitted he still sneaked the odd one or two, "but I figure, seeing as I'm running for president, I need to cut myself a little slack.

His favoured brand is said to be the tonsil-scraping classics Marlboro Reds, whose nicotine-heavy charms may explain why he has found giving up such a challenge. No debate as to his preferred method of quitting, however: "I've been chewing Nicorette [gum] all day long," he has said. Presidential aide Reggie Love is said never to be without it, along with Dentyne Ice gum for those times - such as negotiating nuclear non-proliferation or kissing Angela Merkel - when fresher breath is required.

Obama's declared musical preference is solidly coffee-table smooth, with a sprinkling of right-on edginess. It is, presumably, coincidence that the last three are vocal Obama supporters - Dylan this week breathlessly described Obama as "like a fictional character, but real! Among his declared top 10 favourite tracks are U2's City of Blinding Lights, used as fanfare music on his campaign, and Yes We Can by will. He'd been learning the dance with his daughters, he said. Observers may spot a discrepancy in declared favourites, dependent on the audience.

Malia and I recently finished reading the Harry Potter series out loud to each other. Altogether less surprisingly, the president has been photographed carrying Fred Kaplan's Lincoln: The Biography of a Writer, which examines his predecessor's "use of language as a vehicle both to express complex ideas and feelings and as an instrument of persuasion and power".

A strikingly large number of movies have been mentioned as Obama's favourite film, none of which are exactly arthouse. He is also said to enjoy broccoli, raw nuts, protein bars and berry tea, but we find that wholly unconvincing.

Obama is the only president to have admitted to having used cocaine, writing in his autobiography Dreams From My Father that, along with pot and booze, he'd dabbled in "maybe a little blow, when [I] could afford it". As with Bill Clinton's non-inhalation, every man has his limits.

I love this guy! It's because of his good looks! Asked did he wear boxers or briefs, he has demurred, saying, "I don't answer those humiliating questions. But whichever one it is, I look good in 'em! Barack Obama. A few of Barack Obama's favourite things. Never mind the Queen - what everyone wants right now is an endorsement from the US president. Esther Addley on Brand Barack. Esther Addley. Topics Barack Obama features. Reuse this content.

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