What is the best nokia touch screen phone

what is the best nokia touch screen phone

Nokia through the years: The best and worst phones, in pictures

10 rows · Best phones: The best phones to buy are Nokia 9 with a spec score of 86, Nokia GB. Nov 01,  · Nokia (Candy Bar) Screen Size: inch touch screen. Max. Battery Life: 15 hours talk time, 30 days standby. Camera: none. Weight: 73 grams. Another very basic choice, but still a good one, is the Nokia It’s a lightweight option, making it a good choice for younger children, and there’s zero internet connection (though that does mean no email).

The best Nokia phones out there are typically aimed at those looking for a budget to mid-range Android device that focuses on durability and dependability. However, in recent times, Nokia has also released a few more premium phones too. Our ranking of the best Nokia phones is mostly unchanged for now but check in regularly as it's likely that what to bring to a jewish shiva Nokia 10 we're expecting to see sometime in will change all that.

While few details have emerged yet right down to the lack of an official nameit looks like it'll be a premium flagship device that will reportedly sport the yet-unannounced Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset. Nokia phones are now made by fellow Finnish company HMD Global, which licenses the use of the Nokia name, but the Nokia 10 could be when we see a resurgence for the once well-loved brand.

In the meantime, there what is the best nokia touch screen phone several other quality Nokia smartphones that offer simple design along with strong, clean Android software. Each is a solid choice if you want a phone that will last a good three years thanks to amazingly frequent software updates. The Nokia 9 PureView is Nokia's most recent flagship phone, and it comes with cutting-edge features to match.

In particular, it comes with one important feature or what is the best nokia touch screen phone depending on how you count it in the form of its five-sensor rear camera, which is the most we've seen in a smartphone.

It's not exactly an expensive phone either, compared to some of the flagships you can buy today, so if you want a photographic smartphone powerhouse without taking a chunk out of your bank account, this may be the phone for you. The Nokia 9 PureView has problems, as most phones do, but it represents the best Nokia has to offer right now. Read our in-depth Nokia 9 PureView review. The Nokia 8. With a chunky battery lfe, it'll last you all day too, even if you are enjoying that extra screen space to its fullest.

There's a dedicated Google Assistant what does the law of conservation of energy mean that invariably gets in the way and proves annoying, but otherwise, the Nokia 8.

Similarly, while the camera setup sounds impressive on paper, the macro sensor is rather mediocre so we wouldn't recommend this one for avid photographers. Still, the Nokia 8. With its strong battery life and large display, it should keep most people happy, despite its flaws.

Read our in-depth Nokia 8. While the Nokia 6. It's a tough device with a robust design and strong frame — fans of solid and secure phones will love the Nokia 6. It also packs some pretty impressive specs for its low price, with a competent chipset and splendid screen — yet its camera loadout isn't as impressive as it could be.

Read our in-depth Nokia 6. The Nokia 7. That said, it has smooth performance, a premium design and good quality main cameras. Unfortunately the wide-angle camera is not up to scratch, which is disappointing when that can be a fun shooter to use. But the Android One version of Android 9 Pie is a godsend, with attractive stock design and a guaranteed two years of OS updates and three years of security updates, which is as good as the Google Pixel line.

Read our in-depth Nokia 7. The Nokia 7 Plus is exactly what you'd imagine from a Nokia handset, in that it's half the price of a flagship from its era yet it comes packed out with all the features you'd expect.

In particular the handset has an impressive camera loadout for its price, and can last for a long time under heavy use. There are drawbacks to the phone too, but it's still an impressive Android device. Read our in-depth Nokia 7 Plus review.

It's by no means a powerful smartphone, and it won't rival high-end models in terms of specs of functions, but at its price band it's a tempting device. But the cameras are surprisingly decent and the clean, simple design is a perk.

Nokia phones are often reliable handsets how to soothe genital warts lack any defining or distinctive features, and the Nokia 8 is a prime example of this. It looks great, with an impressive display and beautifully designed body, but many of the other features could be defined as 'fine'. The dual cameras were acceptable in when the phone was released, and features like the 3.

With the Nokia 8 you're getting a solid handset that won't let you down, but won't be an icebreaker at parties either. Read our in-depth Nokia 8 review. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer.

Nokia 9 PureView Nokia's newest flagship smartphone. Specifications Release date: February Weight: g. Dimensions: x 75 x 8mm. OS: Android 9. Screen size: 5. Resolution: x CPU: Snapdragon Storage: GB. Battery: 3,mAh. Front camera: 20MP. Reasons to avoid - Middling other features - Not a comfortable hold. Nokia 8. Specifications Release date: October What does the word banal mean OS: Android Screen size: 6.

CPU: Snapdragon G. Battery: 4,mAh. Front camera: 24MP. Reasons to avoid - Annoying Google Assistant button - Small storage size for some. Nokia 6. Specifications Release date: April Dimensions: x 76 x 8mm. OS: Android 8.

Rear camera: 16MP. Front camera: 8MP. Reasons to avoid - Solo rear camera - Battery just about lasts a day.

Nokia 7. Specifications Release date: September Reasons to avoid - Bad wide-angle camera - Very slow to charge.

Nokia 7 Plus A middleweight marvel. Specifications Release date: March Screen size: 6-inch. Storage: 64GB. Rear camera: 12MP, 13MP. Front camera: 16MP. Specifications Release date: December Reasons to avoid - Not waterproof - Lacks wireless charging.

Nokia 5. OS: Android 10 Android One. Reasons to avoid - Average performance - Iffy display. Nokia 8 Old school cool. Dimensions: x 73 x 8mm. OS: Android 7. Front camera: 5MP. Reasons to avoid - Launch price is higher than we'd expect - Not waterproof. Most Popular Most Shared.

Best dumbphone in the UK in 2021

Feb 23,  · The camera is decent, the thin glass screen feels sturdy yet sleek, and there's even wireless charging. Overall, we think the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is the best flip phone on the market. The only problem is, it'll cost you. (Image credit: Nokia) Nokia Flip. Mar 30,  · Nokia may just be a brand name nowadays, but it is still one associated with quality. So if you’re just looking for a simple handset which can take calls, read (but not compose too many) texts, and even browse YouTube and Facebook, then this elegant and relatively up-to-date flip phone .

A dumb phone can be a great choice for some kinds of customers, but what exactly should you be looking for? What features are necessary and which can you do without? A smartphone is an incredible thing. A dumb phone, on the other hand, may perfectly fit the bill. A dumb phone lacks the features of a smartphone, there will be either no internet connection or a limited connection, few if any apps, and the cost will be a lot lower than for a pricey smartphone.

There are various kinds of dumb phone: available to you, which are:. The most basic form of a mobile phone is the candy bar phone. This is a simple rectangle with a small screen and a number keypad below.

A candy bar phone is small, easy to carry around, easy to access, and generally easy to work with. Pros: Easy to use though using a number pad to type letters with can be inconvenient , easy to carry around, generally very affordable. Cons: Small screens may be difficult to see. The general lack of internet connection could be a deal breaker. A flip phone is a model that sort of folds in half.

You flip open the phone and the top half is a screen and the bottom half is a number pad. These models are sometimes known as clamshell phones. Pros: The real pro here is the display. These phones generally come in two types: a candy bar or slide. A candy bar keyboard phone has a display with a full keyboard under it, whilst a slide phone has a keyboard that slides out from under a display. Both offer the convenience of a full typing experience, and both are more likely to offer at least a limited internet connection for things like instant messaging and email.

A candy bar keyboard phone is slightly more rugged, whilst a slide keyboard phone offers a larger display but is generally more fragile due to a large, unprotected display. Full disclosure here: slide out keyboard phones are tough to find nowadays and none made our list of recommended models.

Pros: Gives a better typing experience with a full keyboard, usually offers a larger display especially if you choose a slide phone. The ability of most of these phone to at least receive email could be a good selling point. Maybe less rugged than some customers are looking for. Best For: Those looking for more of a compromise option between a smartphone and a dumb phone, and for those that text or email a lot from their mobile.

The Nokia is the gold standard when it comes to dumb phones. You get a torch and a camera, as well as a full colour 2. You can buy it outright below or compare Nokia contract deals here.

Check Price on Amazon. So what should you be looking for? What about extras? Here are a few things that you might want to look out for:. Just before we get to those model recommendations though, how exactly did we choose them?

We did have a few requirements that we were looking for. We wanted phones that were relatively new releases. This is simply because a newer phone is more stable, and will more likely be supported by the manufacturer for a longer period of time.

Older phones tend not to receive updates and may not be supported by UK operators. Finances are always important, so obviously we looked at affordability.

And last but not least, we spend a lot of time around phones and the people who use them, a lot of time with mobile tech professionals, and a lot of time using lots of different mobiles. This means that we got plenty of feedback from the kind of people that use these phones every day.

See on Amazon. You get a torch and a camera, as well as a full-colour 2. And it does allow access to email and a couple of social networking sites Twitter, most notably. And even limited internet access might be too much for some customers. But battery life is a dream! As a flip phone, the Blade is robust and that display is well protected.

All in all, this is everything you could ask for. There is a very limited internet connection here, which could be more than some people want. But on the whole, the Blade is an awesome flip phone choice. The Asha is the oldest phone model on the list, but it definitely deserves to be here. There is an MP3 player and camera, as well as a handful of games.

You get email access and limited internet connectivity with a Nokia browser. But as far as keyboard mobiles go, the Asha is a fantastic option. Looking for basic? As in, really basic? Then the Binatone M is for you. And for those looking for the absolute minimum when it comes to a mobile, this is the clear choice. But the Binatone does have a couple of special characteristics. It includes an SOS button which connects directly to emergency services, and it has an emergency contact button that can be programmed for up to five numbers.

No MP3 player. No games. Nothing else. Another very basic choice, but still a good one, is the Nokia You get an MP3 player, a torch, and a few games, including the famous Nokia Snake game. Other than that, the is pretty light on features. But for a basic dumb phone, the Nokia is a great and attractive option.

The Cat B30 at first glance is your every day dumb phone. You get calling and texting, a torch, and an MP3 player, as well as a basic camera. However, the B30 has a very unique selling point. It also has drop resistance and can remain intact when dropped on concrete from heights of up to 1. As for negatives, the Cat is a little bulky. But it is very, very robust.

In the market for a basic flip phone? Then the Alcatel OneTouch x has got you covered. With the x you get a basic camera, an MP3 player and FM radio, and a few games. There is expandable storage, so you can add up to 32 GB of extra memory.

And as a flip phone, that display is nicely protected when the phone is closed. The Nokia is fairly unique when it comes to dumb phones. However, it does allow fairly sophisticated web browsing. Of course, this could be a deal breaker for some. You also get an SD card slot that allows you to add up to 32 GB of additional memory. There are a few games Snake, of course , and even a video player. On the down side, the camera is very basic indeed. And the plastic body, though light, is not the most robust material around.

In house mobile phone expert at TigerMobiles. I head up our help and advice section; answering customer questions and queries to help them make better buying decisions. I specialise in cybersecurity, smartphone tech and related tech products, authoring some of our buying guides and contributing to the wider technology community.

Compare Deals. What Are My Options? There are various kinds of dumb phone: available to you, which are: Candy Bar Phones The most basic form of a mobile phone is the candy bar phone. Flip Phones A flip phone is a model that sort of folds in half. Where is the phone going to go? Is this phone likely to be dropped frequently? One of the big advantages of most dumb phones is that they tend to be more rugged than smart phones, but still, not all dumb phones are equally sturdy.

Simplicity: How easy does the phone need to be to use? Who will be using this phone? A full keyboard slide phone might be a good choice for older kids, but a candy bar phone is an easier to use option and better suited to young children, for example.

However, a larger screen tends to be more fragile. Number pad phones tend to have larger buttons and are therefore easier to use.

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