What happens if you get caught stealing cable

what happens if you get caught stealing cable

Stealing Cable: how do they know?

The cable company can also sue you in civil court to try to recover the money you should have paid for services but didn’t. If the court rules against you, you could also be held liable for punitive damages, money you’d have to pay as punishment. You could be ordered to pay the company’s legal costs and attorney’s fees as well. You won't be prosecuted the first time you're caught, but if you're caught again and convicted, you could get a $ fine or a year in prison.

Ok, I'm not exactly sure this question belongs here, but it is something of a tech question and I'm not sure where else to post it. So here goes. A friend of mine bought a cable-ready TV a while back, and she discovered that when she hooked it up to the cable in her apartment that she could actually get cable.

The problem is, she isn't subscribing to cable. Well, she continued watching cable for about a year, and now she's getting worried that the cable company is going to find out what she's been up to. She did some research on the 'net, and she dug up all kinds of horror stories about cable companies suing people for all they own for stuff like this.

She even how to write a article analysis essay the relevant laws, and found that even if it's passive theft which this is--she didn't hotwire anythingafter 6 months of it they can clean you out and jail you for it. It came to a head when she looked into getting cable modem service, and the cable rep asked her if she got cable at her place.

At first she said yes, but then the cable rep said "that's funny, we don't have you listed as a subscriber. Hey, waitaminute lady A few days later, the cable company came out and did an audit on her, but she'd disconnected all the TVs in the house and hidden them, so nothing came of it she thinks. So she's now worried that if she watches the cable, that they can tell from their end somehow and bust her.

So my question, on behalf of her is, is this true? How do they know what you're up to if you don't have a box?

Can they tell if how to get rid of meat bees watching? I have a splitter, filter, dexcrambler and cable box all hooked up to my cable internet line.

Haven't had problems yet. I mean, she didn't hack anything to get the cable service. The worst thing they can do is disconnect the cable service. I had an apartment once and subscribed to cable and was having problems so they sent a tech out. Turns out someone was tapping the cable line and that was causing the interference in mine. The tech disconnected the tap and that was that. I know the techs have scanners how to play a iso file detect where the signal is running, but otherwise, I would guess they may have a way of checking the signal strength along a certain branch.

If you're using cable, I would guess that'd affect the signal strength? About eleven years ago, we decided to remove the cable blocker thing in our cable box. After all that time, including a few different companies owning the local cable place, I haven't been caught.

Amazing how people find ways to snitch themselves off, huh? How to make etching prints the installation in her building is like most, then it's a ratsnest of splitters, filters, junction boxes etc that have been jury-rigged by various techs and tenants for years.

A "loyal" tech would have put a signal generator on her line and disconnected it at some how to get your lawn flat. I'm sure that they can install a monitoring device as well, but proving that the line goes only to her apt. The correct answer is "I just how to cure ear infection it up to see if it would work right before I called you, and I DO want to sign up.

Had a friend years ago who moved into an apartment years ago and found that the phone worked. That was cool, except nobody could call him because he didn't know the number. And then, one day, somebody called, wrong number, and he asked politely "What number did you dial? He was a cheap bastard, but smart, never used it for long distance What he wants to know is what kinds of technologies do they use to trace this kind of thing; what does it take if say HE wanted to trace who's using cable?

We know it is possible for them to find out you're using it illegally, but how do they find out? Is it some mysterious black box, or just the cable guy when he's feeling "loyal" to his company once in a while? Does it depend on there being the old cable system or the new digital one? If the cable was tapped off some one else's by the previous tenant, can they take his friend to court and "prove" she was the splicer, even if she wasn't?

Heck man, I don't know the detailed answers to your question, but I do know it is a lot easier for them to trace you on the new digital cable network then on the older system. They also recently pulled a nasty trick and burned out a lot of illegal decoders. I'm wondering if any one sued, and what the results were The best course of action is for her to go to the cable office and say she wants to sign up for Basic service and Internet.

Going in person guarantees you're going to talk to different people the ones I talked to didn't even know they were offering free hook-up until I mentioned I just heard it on the radio and the customer service desk and the telephone people don't talk to each other, even if they're in the same building which they rarely are.

If she's one of those people that acts really nervous all the time, then she's gonna have to have some reason why she's acting that way, and so if the first thing she does when she gets to the counter is set her purse up there and start pulling out her check book which is conveniently at the bottom, under all those pills she's "obviously" taking and setting on the counter while diggingthen suspicion will be diverted.

It's possible she can't get cable what happens if you get caught stealing cable in her area yet, and if she tells them that she doesn't want to sign up for cable service unless they have cable modem service available, they'll concentrate on that and be disappointed that they couldn't make a sale.

They won't make any note of her in their computer, unless she says she wants to be notified of cable being available in her area. Less work that what to plant in my raised garden bed. Under the old cable system, any building with a lot of apartments that are accessed only from indoors is going to have a rats-nest of cables.

She could likely locate the box, figure out which plug and cable are hers, and disconnect it when the cable guy comes, there is no way for them to know she was connected. OR, she could just say she plugged her TV in and it worked, and so she assumed the aparment complex gave away free cable, like motels have free cable. Such things do exist though there's usually a big banner out front to attract tenants and there's no way they can prove she knew it was illegal, unless she's one of those nervous types.

Being the CPU-god that you are, you must also know a thing or three about electronics, and you probably know the trick with the capacitor and the resistor that was one of the first things taught in any electronics school.

I forget what you have to do exactly, but I know the cap acts as a filter to weed out the fuzz they introduce. Probably likely that, as said earlier, if the wiring's been tinkered around with for years, simply put, no-one notices the odd splice here and there so long as no-one complains. Maybe a tech. Or they did a "favour" for someone who's moved away from that apartment?

Chances are they've disconnected service to her apt now anyway, since she snitched on herself. So she should try and hook it up and see She can probably safely call and ask for hook-up now.

If you don't want to get in trouble, don't do illegal things. TDR Time Domain Reflectometer testing -- you put a pulse into the cable and watch the reflections from bends, breaks, transformers, terminators, opens, and sinks tv sets. I'd just claim that I had thought it was a provided service which it was! Don't know if a court would agree, though. Your basic cable not HD works like radio, one-way over a media, in this case the coax. In your friends case the cable is brought in on a trunk to the appt.

In an ideal situation a customer will request an install, the tech will come out and terminate the customers jack to the distribution point. Most likely is her case the tech that got the first term order the old tenets never came out and disconnected the link. My guess as to why they never knew that she was using before is in a one way broadcast there is no way to tell unless there is noise or signal loss to some paying customer that complains.

Then they would send out a tech to investigate and find the source and shut it down. Bi-directional cable on the other hand signal travels both ways. HD cable and Internet cable both are bi-directional. To take advantage of the two-way nature you need a capable device ie cable modem or newer cable box. If her cable ready TV is a newer one then it might be equipped with a transmitting tuner.

Given that she was not caught before my guess is that it is not. In answer to your question she was most likely fine before. But now that a tech has been out she will most likely find that the line to her appt. Further more you will most likely find that the appt manager will not let you into the wiring plant closet, and even if you gained access you would find that the cable distribution block is in a locked box.

Her best bet is to pony up and pay the man. And hope Internet is offered in her area. I think he means that the voltage along the cable will be proportional in some way to the number of people connected to it. More voltage required than normal by x no. I think he means that the voltage along the cable will be proportional in some way to the number of people making use of it.

The percentage change is miniscule when you attempt to apply it to a whole block at once. When you measure at each individual drop to a house, it's pretty clear I don't think we are going to get a clear answer until an actual cable tech ponies up with the info.

This all sounds like end user speculation, sorta like users speculating why Netscape got all buggy after IE got "integrated" with the win98 kernel. We all know its Microsoft's fault, dammit! Not necessarily the same thing but Friend of mine ordered Home for high speed internet.

Never had the phone or TV setup. Cox came out and hooked up the modem for his computer. Whose fault is that? I dunno. It happened to someone I know a few years ago. They installed an antenna on the roof and dropped the cable down to the ground, then noticed there were 2 or 3 wires going to the house. Screwed in one of them into the switch box and they had cable! This shit happens a lot more than people think.

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usually yes, they splice into another customer's line. they are caught because the paying customer complains because their signal goes in and out from the poor splice. If you have the equipment and the cable company never unhooked your cable line, you can steal cable without getting caught. In college, my apartment was never unhooked. Jul 05,  · The cable company presents you with an enormous bill. If you don't pay, they sue you. They get a judgment which is good for many years and earns interest at . Dec 15,  · Stealing cable TV for personal entertainment can carry a maximum fine of $1, or a maximum prison sentence of 6 months, or both; Stealing cable TV for commercial advantage or financial gain can carry a fine of up to $50, or a maximum of 2 years in prison, or both for a first offense; for any subsequent offenses the penalty can be a fine of up to $, and up to 5 years in prisonAuthor: Ken Lamance.

But no matter what you are accused of stealing, criminal theft charges can result in serious penalties, including significant jail time. What is Theft? Theft is the criminal charge you will face for stealing, but there are many different kinds of theft with different elements and different penalties.

No matter what kind of theft charges are brought against you, prosecutors will have to prove the following basic elements of the crime:. The value of the stolen property dictates how serious the charges can become and how severe the penalties will be. The theft of certain items, such as a car or a gun, will always be considered felony grand theft no matter what their actual value is, and sentences will be more severe if the theft was by someone in a position of trust or authority, like a trustee or caregiver.

Additionally, if you have been convicted of prior misdemeanor petit thefts and are arrested for another theft, the misdemeanor can be filed as a felony petit theft. If you are facing theft charges of any kind in South Florida, it is important that you speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Even if you avoid a harsh and lengthy prison sentence, a conviction will go on your record, and a crime such as theft which calls into question your trustworthiness and honesty can have a devastating impact on your job opportunities and your future.

Our goal is to get your case dismissed and then seal or expunge your arrest and court records. For over 28 years, Miami criminal defense attorney Albert M. Quirantes has been aggressively and zealously defending the rights of those accused of felony and misdemeanor crimesthroughout South Florida.

With his dedicated team, reasonable legal fees, and a well-earned reputation for challenging prosecutors at every turn, he has protected over 8, clients during some of the roughest times of their lives. Increase your knowledge! If you want to know more about how to resolve the problems you face when charged with a criminal offense in Florida, then you can follow Miami Criminal Attorney Albert M.

If you have been arrested and charged with a crime, please call us today at or fill out our online form to arrange for your free, confidential initial consultation. If you have any questions about this or any other criminal accusation, call Miami Criminal Defense Lawyer Albert Quirantes at: or visit our homepage www.

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