What are the chances of the world ending

what are the chances of the world ending

Eight ways to solve world hunger

Pockets of light snow and bitter air are in place to open our first day of April! Snow showers and flurries will continue for our northeastern and eastern counties through late morning, as sunshine. Apr 01, †Ј SAN ANTONIO (AP) Ч With the final weekend of the womenТs basketball tournament in sight, coaches and the NCAA say it would be СТtragicФ if a player was lost due to a positive COVID test or a team was knocked out of the title chase by coronavirus protocols. UConn .

The score was tied at two in the bottom of the ninth when Mets outfielder Michael Conforto took the plate with the bases loaded and one out. Facing Marlins closer Anthony Bass, the slugger was facing a count.

Michael Conforto sticks his arm out and gets hit by a strike for the walk-off win. Even the Mets broadcasters are upset about it pic. As you can tell by wat video posted above, Mets fans were even upset about winning worlld the score of in this manner. The New York Mets improved to all-time in home openers, including at Citi Field, while the Marlins lost their fourth straight.

Chancrs Mets were in danger of suffering another frustrating early-season loss before Jeff McNeil, celebrating his 29th birthday, led off the ninth by homering to right off Anthony Basswho blew his second save how to test your router in as many chances.

This is how the Marlins lostЕ. The Marlins should not have lost that game that way. If protests still existed, that would be a worthy one. Conforto not only made no effort to get out of the way but he nudged his elbow into the strike zone. I just watched Michael Conforto stick his elbow guard out so he'd get hit by a would-be strike, with bases loaded in 9th vs.

He purposefully got hit by a pitch thr plate, worls missed it, and still did nothing after review. By Vincent Frank. The Marlins losing that game in that way is a complete joke.


Apr 16, †Ј Promising Young WomanТs explosive ending and Best Picture chances, explained Writer Kelly Sue DeConnick and artist Valentine de Landro created a dystopian world . Apr 08, †Ј MLB world reacts to controversial ending to Miami Marlins, New York Mets game. By Vincent Frank. Apr 8, ; New York City, New York, USA; . Feb 17, †Ј The Ending of World War One, and the Legacy of Peace and although a number of senior commanders were exceedingly sceptical about the chances of success, German expectations were high that the.

We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. Our critics have wildly differing opinions about the movie. Will the Oscars? If you buy something from a Vox link, Vox Media may earn a commission. See our ethics statement. This year, eight films are in the running for Best Picture , the most prestigious award at the Oscars.

So in the days before the ceremony on April 25 , Vox staffers are looking at each of the nominees in turn. What makes this film appealing to Academy voters? What makes it emblematic of the year? And should it win? I admire the film more than I like it. So, to start off, tell us what you think and why you think it. I admire a lot of what Promising Young Woman is aiming for, and basically everything about the style and the aesthetic and the tone works for me: all those candy colors!

And the male cast is populated primarily by the sweet beta males of comedy, reimagined here as predators. Seth Cohen from The O. McLovin from Superbad! Schmidt Ч Schmidt! I also love the aggressively feminine tone of the framing in this movie. All those cotton candy pinks and baby blues blaring out of the screen, all those shots of Cassie with her hair in long angelic blonde waves as she glares a man down: The vibe is the same as the aesthetic that Tumblr got really into in the early s, which it called weaponized femininity.

Girl shit so sharp that it cuts. But as stylish and evocative as Promising Young Woman is, for me, it kept falling short of committing to the premise it laid out.

And probably the best example of that shortfalling is the ending. Spoilers follow. But right at the key moment, he manages to turn the tables on her and kill her. Cassie spends the whole movie getting her revenge primarily by giving bad men a stern talking to and walking away from it without a scratch on her.

I mostly found that choice unsatisfying and unearned, particularly because this film has aspirations toward realism rather than being a straight revenge fantasy. I wanted the film to take it seriously that Cassie was in real, physical danger, and her death accomplished that feat effectively for me. It felt honest. It was ruining her life. She was turning herself into a weapon that would destroy her from the inside out.

It was bad for her. All of that works for me. What does not work for me is Cassie getting her posthumous revenge through the police. Part of what Promising Young Woman is about is the idea that Nina was destroyed not just by Al Monroe, but by the systems in which she lived.

The school that failed to protect her, that allowed her to drop out and fall apart, and allowed her rapist to graduate and thrive and flourish.

The culture that taught her friends that she was asking for it, that she did not deserve their belief or protection, that her rape was something to watch and laugh at.

Are the police somehow not involved in rape culture? Are they somehow not symbols of the very violent male patriarchy that this movie just spent two hours telling me was fundamentally corrupt and needed to be destroyed? Or am I being too hard on the ending here? How do the rest of you feel about what Promising Young Woman is trying to do?

That Fennell almost pulls it off Ч or maybe does! My read of the movie as terrific largely derives from its ending, which I view as intentionally unsatisfying. We know how unlikely it is that Cassie, who has been depicted as a worn-down nubbin of PTSD through most of the film, would be able to get her revenge from beyond the grave. But I would argue this jarring nature is the point of the ending. The framing suddenly becomes less immediate and more dreamlike.

The story plays out not with the logic of reality but with the logic of a movie. And yet the coup de grace here Ч somehow, Cassie knew before her death exactly when to text Ryan for maximum chaos at the wedding Ч underscores just how unbelievable the whole scenario is. The ending is asking you not just what justice could possibly look like in this situation but how unlikely receiving justice within the system built up to privilege men even is.

Part of that I think speaks to how fucked up was. Part of it speaks to how much Promising Young Woman was created in a lab specifically for me:. But what worked for me overall, I think, is that I was never really rooting for Cassie, whom Mulligan plays perfectly. Fennell goes to great lengths to show you how miserable Cassie is and how her revenge consumed her.

Even if she were to get away with punishing Al Monroe, Cassie would still be hunting for more man prey. I found myself wanting to see Cassie do a little more than just scare the men off, a testament to how Fennell constructs mood through spacing and camera work. I also think the ending would have been more powerful had the men gotten away with everything. Do I trust the police to rightfully prosecute the bad guys?

It was more selfish than that. I think the Academy will have a lot of opinions, too Ч though people obviously liked the film enough to give it five nominations. Despite the ever-diversifying makeup of the organization , I have a hard time imagining a film like Promising Young Woman winning Best Picture though maybe not if we were in the more daring s?

What do you think? Does it matter? But he utterly fails to protect her from a charming and predatory older man, a fact for which he will eventually apologize in tears. The casting in this movie really is brilliant across the board, and if there were an Oscar for casting, Promising Young Woman would be a shoo-in.

But Best Picture? I keep trying to think of another actor in her rough age range who might have pulled it off and coming up blank. Tatiana Maslany maybe??

If the film does win in another category beyond Best Actress, I suspect Fennell will take Original Screenplay, the same prize she won at the Writers Guild of America awards. Being infuriated by Promising Young Woman is almost as fun as being enraptured by it. Alissa: Okay. Movies, TV, podcasts, books, all are fair game. She wanted to thrill without making it feel icky or lascivious.

And one of the things she said she wrestled with , and what really gnawed at her, was the idea that she should have all the answers about the system, about what revenge looks like, about what readers should take away from the comic. That seems very uncannily similar to Promising Young Woman and our reactions to the film.

And it succeeds in doing what Promising Young Woman , through no fault of its own, was advertised as doing but not actually that interested in accomplishing Ч being both a cathartic rape-revenge thriller and a nihilistic deconstruction of the genre. Plus, it also features Adam Brody playing against his Seth Cohen type as a sexual predator.

Jennifer Fox is a beautiful cheerleader; Needy Seyfried is supposed to be a nerd. She does still look like Amanda Seyfried in a pair of glasses, so, you know, suspend your disbelief a bit. One night, Jennifer disappears into the woods with a van full of men who attack her.

And it does that while building the whole film around the fraught, messy, but genuinely loving friendship between Jennifer and Needy. That sounds like a bummer, huh?

Alissa: The Nightingale definitely would have been my choice as well, for the same reasons and for one more: It shows how we, as humans, use language and speech as a way to dehumanize others and ignore the truth, which is certainly something that happens in Promising Young Woman. Find our discussions of the other Best Picture nominees here. Our mission has never been more vital than it is in this moment: to empower through understanding.

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By choosing I Accept , you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies. Reddit Pocket Flipboard Email. Will it take home the big prize? Focus Features This year, eight films are in the running for Best Picture , the most prestigious award at the Oscars. I find this ending so unsatisfying!

Carey Mulligan in Promising Young Woman. Focus Features Part of what Promising Young Woman is about is the idea that Nina was destroyed not just by Al Monroe, but by the systems in which she lived. Part of it speaks to how much Promising Young Woman was created in a lab specifically for me: Carey Mulligan?

She deserved the Oscar for An Education. Alison Brie as a suburban mean girl and tool of the patriarchy? Cassie is exhausted. Next Up In Culture.

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