Tony northrup how to create stunning digital photography free download

tony northrup how to create stunning digital photography free download

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Dec 10, Stunning Digital Photography. Rated out of 5 based on 19 customer ratings. (26 customer reviews) $ $ The worlds bestselling photography book of the last decade! It includes over 20 hours of video, hands-on practices, quizzes, and access to a private Facebook group filled with supportive, learning photographers. Jul 19, Tony Northrup is giving away How to Create Stunning Digital Photography as a free eBook download. Photographers Tony and Chelsea Northrup just blew past the 1 .

Six Quick Tips- Tony shares six of his best beginning photography tips. Online Print Services- We discuss why you might want to order prints from a service rather than making them yourself, and review prints and prices from ten different services. Creating an Online Portfolio- Learn how and what are considered wheat products to create a portfolio highlighting just your best work.

Image Editing With Adobe Lightroom- A brief overview of how to use Adobe Lightroom to organize and perform light editing on your photos.

Most serious photographers use Lightroom for most of their editing and then open pictures in Adobe Issch exe what is it when more serious editing is required. Levitation- In this fun project, Chelsea shows you how to use Photoshop to create the illusion that you can float in mid-air. Multiple Exposures- Chelsea teaches you how to recreate an old film technique with your modern camera: taking two photos on a single piece of film to tell two parts of a story with a single image.

DIY Ring Light- In this quick music video, Tony, Chelsea, and Justin head to the hardware store to build a custom ring light and get to the front page of px. Controlling the Background- Visit the Irish countryside for a demonstration of how you can expand, shrink, blur, or darken the background in your photos using a zoom lens and a flash. Finding the Angle- A demonstration of how to compose pictures to capture a scene the way your eyes see it.

Architecture and Travel- Travel to Dublin, Ireland, for an overview of composing travel photos, with a focus on building architecture. Showing Depth- A demonstration of the importance of including both foreground and background elements in photos, created in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Lighting and Shadows- Learn to appreciate and control different qualities of light and shadow. Buying a Flash- Tony demonstrates the differences between flash models, allowing you what color shoes to wear with a navy sequin dress choose a flash best suited to your needs without wasting any money.

Fill Flash- By adding just a little flash, you can reduce shadows and add catch light to the eyes. This quick tip can improve your photography without much effort. Bounce Flash- On-camera flash has a harsh look. By using a bounce flash, you can create soft, even lighting indoors with very little effort. Flash Modifiers Review- Tony tests a handful of different flash modifiersdevices that attach to your external flash to change the effect of the light.

Learn which work best and how to use them. Directional Lighting- Join Tony in the studio to study how moving a light source changes the light on a face. Off-Camera Flash- While on-camera flash is convenient, moving your light away from the camera provides a dramatic and professional effect. Gels with Flash- Tony and Chelsea teach you how to use flash gels to match the white balance of your flash to different artificial lights.

Autofocus Techniques- Join Tony and Chelsea on a fitness shoot to demonstrate several different autofocus techniques, including focus-recompose, continuous focusing, and focus traps. Back-Button Focus- Learn to instantly switch from single to continuous focus to better track moving subjects. Shutter Speed Overview- Tony provides a narrated slideshow demonstrating the effects of using different shutter speeds to freeze action or show motion.

Tripods- Tony shows you his collection of tripods and talks about the features you should look for in a tripod. Exposure- Tony demonstrates how shutter priority, aperture priority, and manual mode work, as well as the effects of changing your shutter speed, aperture, and ISO. How to Use Manual Mode- Manual mode is the scariest part of a modern camera.

Raw Files- Tony demonstrates why Raw files can give you better image quality with real-world examples, and provides examples why JPG is often the best option.

Virtual Tony- this first-person interactive video quiz will put your photography problem-solving skills to the test!

Tony and Chelsea show you the most common causes of blurry pictures, and how to solve them. Tony also shows scenarios where using a full-frame lens on an APS-C body does extract more detail.

Hand-Holding in Low Light- Tony shows you how to get clear pictures even with low shutter speeds, whether or not you have image stabilization. The noise can ruin your pictures, but you can often eliminate the noise with careful post-processing. Tony shows you how to use software to reduce the visible noise in your photos. No matter how careful you are, dust will eventually accumulate on your sensor. Tony shows you how to clean your sensor using his preferred tools. Recovering Lost Photos- Accidentally format your card?

Mistakenly erase a picture? Have a hard drive or memory card fail? Tony shows you how to use free tools to recover lost files. Portrait Basics- Learn the most important aspects of portrait photography in less than five minutes! Glamour Portraits- Chelsea gives tips for posing for glamour shots, capturing them as a photographer, and then post-processing the photos in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. Portrait Equipment- Tony, Chelsea, and How to remove hair from anus discuss which portrait equipment is best for different situations.

Portrait Locations- After readers were struggling to find good outdoor locations to create portraits, Tony and Chelsea hopped in the car to show them how to do portrait location scouting. Business Portraits on Location- Tony and Chelsea travel to a car dealership to get headshots of the staff for their website.

Along the way, they teach you how to compose, light, and edit professional business portraits. Outdoor Portraits- Tony and Chelsea head to the park to show you how to get great outdoor portraits, even in the harsh midday sun. Using Diffusers and Reflectors- Diffusers and reflectors are an inexpensive way to drastically improve lighting in portraits.

Holiday Backdrops- Chelsea shows you how to create a glittery backdrop for holiday portraits, using inexpensive materials from around your house or from a craft store. In this video, Tony walks you through the process of taking a great family photo.

Posing for Headshots- Chelsea and Aja teach you all about head turns, tilts, and expressions in portraiture. Tony walks you through the process of creating stunning portraits of babies without upsetting them.

How to Photograph Children- Tony and Chelsea give you some tips about photographing children and then take you behind-the-scenes on a photo shoot with Samantha. Camera Settings- Tony shows you how to select your ISO, aperture, and shutter speed when using studio lighting. Portrait Lighting- Tony and Chelsea show you how each light in a five-light studio environment changes a photo.

White Background- Tony and Chelsea teach you to take pictures with a perfect white backdrop. Black Background- Tony and Chelsea show you how to get that low-key look of a portrait with a black background, using a variety of different techniques. Studio Tour- For readers who want to take their portrait photography to the next level, Tony and Chelsea give you a tour of their studio, including the lights, light modifiers, and backdrops.

Self-Portraits- Chelsea shows you how to get a good, in-focus self-portrait, without cropping the top of your head. Editing Portraits- Chelsea shows you how she edits portraits for a flawless lookwithout making anyone suspect the picture has been Photoshopped.

Wedding Behind-the-Scenes- Tony and Chelsea photographed a wedding in Montana and filmed the entire shoot. They walk you step-by-step through the shoot, including their mistakes. Bird Blind- Tony uses a hunting blind, a bird feeder, a tripod, and a smartphone to take incredibly close-up photos of birds.

These techniques allow you to get great shots of wildlife with an inexpensive telephoto lens. Wildlife Equipment- Tony and Chelsea meet up with their friend, Kristofer Rowe, to discuss wildlife gear for any budget. They cover lenses, cameras, tripods, monopods, camo, straps, and even footwear.

Flying Birds- Photographing flying birds is one of the most challenging tasks in photography. Tony travels to the beach to give you expert tips for getting sharp results.

Insects- Insects are small and fast, making them difficult subjects. Tony shows you his techniques for getting sharp, detailed results. Aquarium Photography- Travel to the Mystic Aquarium to get tips for taking great pictures through glass and in low light. Editing Wildlife- Like any type of photography, a little editing can make your animal shots much nicer.

Tony shows you how he crops, tweaks, and sharpens photos, as well as demonstrating techniques for reducing distractions. Landscape Tips- Tony and Chelsea travel to Montana to give you some basic landscape photography tips. Photographing Fall Colors- Tony quickly shows you how to get the brightest fall colors you can, without needing to edit your photos. Photographing Waterfalls- Hike up an Hawaiian mountain with Tony to see how to capture the beauty of waterfalls using a tripod and a neutral density filter.

Tony even shows you how to use different exposures for the sky and foreground, even if you only took a single shot. Image Averaging and Panoramas- Learn to get technically perfect photos with any camera by combining two post-processing techniques: image averaging and panoramas.

Intro to Night Photography- Tony walks you through the basics of taking your first pictures at night. Editing Night Photos- Night photos can be notoriously difficult to edit because they often have far too much contrast, and no single white balance will seem right. Tony shows you his techniques for putting the finishing touches on your night photos.

Cities at Night- Head to Glasgow, Scotland with Tony as he takes night photography under urban lights. Remote Shutter Timers- Most cameras have a maximum shutter speed of 30 seconds.

With a remote shutter timer, you can keep your shutter open longer, allowing low noise exposures in dark, rural environments. How to Photograph Star Trails- Though they seem stationary to your eye, stars are constantly moving across the sky. In fact, they can even form a complete circle, turning a drab night sky into an amazing work of art.

In this video, Tony shows you how to process your star trails photos so the stars are bright and the trails have no gaps. Photographing the Moon- Tony shows you how to get a great picture of the moon. How to Photograph Fireworks- Tony teaches you how to get great pictures of firework displays while still enjoying the show. Light Painting- Join Tony and his nephew, Tyler, as they sneak out to an abandoned asylum to create intense light painting photos using glow sticks, el wire, and burning steel wool.

HDR Overview- Tony travels to a steam train station to show you how to use bracketing and HDR software to create stunning photos with unlimited dynamic range. Macro Equipment and Techniques- Join Tony in the studio as he provides an overview of macro photography and equipment. Creating a Custom Macro Flash- Tony shows you how to get beautiful light when working up closewithout spending a lot of cash.

Macro Photography Equipment- Tony gives you an overview of different types of equipment you can use to get extremely close-up photographs.

Focus Stacking- Depth-of-field is an extreme challenge with macro photography. Using the image stacking techniques Tony demonstrates in this video, you can achieve infinite depth-of-field at any magnification. Editing Underwater Photos- Underwater photos have many unique processing challenges, including distorted color, low contrast, and annoying bubbles.

Chapter 1, Quick Tips:

Six Quick Tips-Tony shares six of his best beginning photography tips. Online Print Services- We discuss why you might want to order prints from a service rather than making them yourself, and review prints and prices from ten different services. Creating an Online Portfolio- Learn how and why to create a portfolio highlighting just your best work. Jan 11, Tony Northrup's DSLR Book How to Create Stunning Digital Photography Download Free (EPUB, PDF) Wallace Stevens !download Tony Northrup's DSLR Book How to Create Stunning Digital Photography# free for ipad. 2. [PDF] Tony Northrup's DSLR Book: How to Create Stunning Digital Photography Kindle In this book, Tony Northrup (award-winning author of more than 30 how-to books and a professional portrait, wildlife, and landscape photographer) teaches you both the art and science of creating stunning pictures.

It includes over 20 hours of video, hands-on practices, quizzes, and access to a private Facebook group filled with supportive, learning photographers. I got the book a very long time now, back in I think. I learnt a lot from the book, and Tony is an excellent teacher and his How to, Tutorials and both of their Podcasts are amazing.

I always keep the book close to me so I can confer whenever I need. You won't regret if you buy this book because the I one I got only 6 hours comparing this one for 20 hours.

Overall, this book is a brilliant read for those are interest in photography. I also got two more others and do not regret at all. I love this book I bought the ebook and the accompanying videos. As a beginner, it's great to get tips and detailed information.

I've never seen an ebook done so well before. This first off contains amazing information, just as a standard book, and is a "must have" just on that alone. When you couple the digital integration and the updates that come out, this literally sets the bar for all digital publications. Hands down, if you have only one book about photography, this is it. Read it on an ipad and it will change your life. So well written and so easy to understand. This is really an excellent guide.

I've been an amateur photographer for decades, but I'm learning a lot from your book which proves that you are never too old to learn new tricks!

I purchased the eBook version, it's really good value, and I'm working through the book and the videos. I'm also using the free camera specific tutorials and they have helped me to use my equipment much more effectively. I taught myself most of what I know about digital photography which means, I didn't know what I didn't know, so I decided to start with the basics and ordered Stunning Digital Photography.

As soon as the paperback book arrived, I went straight to watching the videos, which are entertaining, readily understandable and cover a lot of ground quickly. Even though the videos are available with the ebook, I would not trade the paperback for the ebook. The paperback is well laid out and printed in easy-to-read font on glossy paper with colorful photographs.

It's something to treasure or give as a gift. The quizzes are a great tool for solidifying what's being taught and identifying areas needing further study. I only have 2 quizzes and chapters remaining, which is sad because I've grown accustomed to beginning each day with Tony and Chelsea and a cup of coffee.

While waiting for it to arrive I might actually read the Stunning Digital Photography book or just go back and watch all the videos again. This book is fantastically well-written. Well-organized and concise, it gives the beginner wheels to get rolling, with enough advanced content to grow into. The book is a real gem, in that it teaches you how to learn and how to think, instead of just what to do.

This is where most books fail and why classroom learning succeeds when teaching the arts. I also appreciate that it's written in a very personable way, with what appears to be some classic Tony humor thrown in.

So many how-to and technical books will simply throw all the information at you, knowing full-well that non-experts don't know what to do with it. Sometimes it's nice to know about things AND whether they matter or not. Tony and Chelsea do an excellent job of showing you where the radio is, but reminding you to keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. Several of my friends have attempted to take up photography, but they all seemed to drop off after a year or so.

I really enjoy photography, now. I'm confident that Tony and Chelsea made it happen. One of the best buys I've ever made. Clear, concise, detailed, videos plus written words. I'm particularly interested in landscapes and HDR. I've also gotten great help with your video on my Sony A This book will leave you speechless with all of the amazing nuggets of knowledge it embeds within your memory in an easy to understand and use the method.

I know there are a ton of photography books out there This book is very helpful, and I can't say enough about the great videos. Thank you for the outstanding work and the passion you display for photography. Just glanced through the book after wondering if I should just get the darned thing; I'm very glad I did - it's comprehensive, it's a real course, it's just what I need without knowing that before I flipped through it.

Thanks for doing such a great job - this book will definitely keep me busy for months, yea! Hi, I just wanted to add a few words of my own to the existing reviews and, send you my thanks for creating such an amazing book!!

I'd been thinking of purchasing this for quite a few months, maybe a year or more, but I always resisted because as someone who has problems with authority figures, I flat out hate tutorials and 'lessons'. That doesn't make things easy for me I know, but what I really appreciate about this book is that it doesn't so much 'tell me' how to do things, it offers help and advice with thoughts and ideas that are more like a conversation with a friend than 'you must do this!

That's perfect because we are all as individual as our photos and we each need to grow in different ways. I particularly liked where you reference Monet at the end of Chapter 2 as I also think he was a genius with light and colour, but as photographers we so often ignore the work of such incredible artists, purely because they aren't pressing a shutter button.

I wish you all the best for the future and my thanks again for the insightful conversation. I'm the founder of photo. This might be my favorite so far in terms of density of practical information.

I appreciate that composition and lighting are covered before the "what do the buttons do" stuff that is typically found in a camera owner's manual anyway. Specific photographic situations, e. I am delighted that the photos I take and keep are much better now! One day they may even be stunning. Many thanks. The first few chapters are elementary - suitable for beginners to photography. Although I have been an amateur photographer for many years, I found the hints and the videos in those elementary chapters reminded me of important lessons, reinforced others, and even introduced some new ideas.

I especially like the advice "take lots of photos and delete most of them". In the old days of film photography, few amateurs could afford to do that. With digital cameras everyone can afford a couple of test shots to make sure everything is set right, provided we don't miss the moment.

Kids and animals, as photographic subjects, make it almost impossible to judge the perfect moment, so snapping away and selecting the best shots later is much better than stalking them until the one "perfect shot" can be snapped.

That one "perfect shot" is either half a second too early or too late. The more advanced chapters dealing with various photographic subjects,and techniques of lighting, shooting, and post-processing are very useful indeed.

The text, pictures and the videos give insights into photography that come from years of experience as a photographer. There are far too many insights to mention all, but here is just one: watching Chelsea pose for the camera made it clear to me that getting ready to have your photo taken is a skill. Being able to instantly strike an interesting pose, and add a winning smile, is a professional skill.

Posing my non-model friends and relatives for a photo shoot requires patience and good humour - it should not be rushed or stressed. Also they need to understand I will take lots of photos of them, keep only the best few, and show them those shots after editing. Of course, I also try to apply the knowledge about lighting, equipment, ISO, aperture, shutter speed, tripods, remote control, and all the rest.

Newman "puck junky". Holy Cow, a photography book that actually teaches you real world, usable techniques. This book is spot on with what I needed to learn not only the controls of my camera but the elements of what it means to take a great digital picture and produce quality photos. I am a casual, at best, photographer. Actually, I am a novice at best.

My spouse has always commented that my picture taking leaves something to be desired. I didn't understand all this "photography" lingo she used nor how to actually set up the camera or get the "right shot". The manuals didn't really help and I needed it. But, the problem was I had no idea what resource to use. They all seemed daunting; that is until I got a copy of this book.

This really is a simple to use, well informed guide to taking great digital pictures. I learned a lot from the examples and it was easy to follow. I had never thought taking pictures needed to vary. I mean a picture is a picture, right? I have a much better understanding of what that "composition" thing my wife always said I lacked.

And I now understand the different settings and controls I should use to take a good picture. I used to take one photo and be done. Maybe 2 to make sure the eyes were opened. I know get it that I need to set up my camera, not just use the automated settings, and take a series. I need to look beyond the view finder. Go figure. I really was impressed with the easy to understand approach this book gives.

I recommend this book for anyone, regardless of skill level. It is a good read with great examples and easy to follow instruction.

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