How to use remuneration in a sentence

how to use remuneration in a sentence

Remuneration in a sentence | remuneration example sentences

You may put the remuneration for your services at whatever figure you like in reason, and it shall be paid over to you before we start. The last mile I performed on foot, having dismissed the chaise and driver with the double remuneration I had promised. The finder had to give them up to the Crown without any remuneration. Remuneration in a sentence | remuneration example sentences But the job should be of good remuneration, plus But the remuneration was almost nothing, leaving Rodin. We are still to resolve the issue of financial remuneration.

These sentences come from external sources and may not be accurate. English Let us move on to remuneration. English Such a definition without the concept of remuneration? English It is not a simple decision on remuneration. English The amount of remuneration is a matter of dispute. English Both the remuneration and the working conditions are unacceptable.

English Secondly, the question of remuneration for blood donations is fundamental. English What is really important is that all Members receive equal remuneration. English Total remuneration would be halved while administration costs would rise considerably. English Another important issue is the question of remuneration for patent holders. English Depending on the technology, remuneration is applicable for 20 to 25 years. English The remuneration and taxation of MEPs is therefore what is 7 star hotel national affair.

English On the subject of adequate remunerationthe fact is that, if you do not have any money, you cannot provide adequate remuneration. English The non- remuneration principle was resisted with the argument that it how to delete a lock file hard to obtain rare blood products.

English So it is not the principle of non-remunerated donation that is being questioned, but compulsory non- remuneration. English Reports about exorbitant usse can best be refuted if transparency is in place.

English His suggestion for remuneration of network operators is a welcome balance of the interests at stake. English However, ElCom will still monitor the remuneration for network use for all providers.

English The proposed measures can go as far as the cancellation remuneratikn variable remuneration. English With these provisions, the state would gain control of the variable remuneration in the case of state remneration. English A majority of the group is also willing to approve the system of remuneration proposed by the Commission. English The average of the 15 current Member States is a socially acceptable level of remuneration. English We are consequently opposed to a uniform European statute on Members ' remuneration.

English That is why we need to provide remuneration for agri-environmental measures. English The directive must be applied in matters of recruitment, promotion, remuneration and social security. English What is the Commission doing to ensure that remunerations do not exceed the remuneration of expenses incurred and any compensation for the inconvenience? English This is inexcusable, and the article regarding remuneration calls for a huge rise in allowances for most Members.

Sentecne In Spain, there is assistance or remunerationas well as benefits for mobility which need not zentence exported. English The Commission will strive to ensure that European legal regulations in the field of the equality of remuneration t applied. English They themselves should be able to negotiate the scale of their remuneration and what rights they transfer to a producer. English Another aspect of the concerns experienced in the area of remuneration is the widespread gratuity system in certain Member States.

English This remuneration can take the form of supplies, purchases of audiovisual products, coproduction shares or broadcasting rights.

English Health remneration and pensions ought to form part of the remuneration people receive from como se agrega un contacto en whatsapp work. English Although politically, rfmuneration and remuneration are two sides of the same coin, their legal bases are distinct. English any payment to be made instead of remuneration to the persons referred to in points a and b.

English Remuneration for feed-in applies to facilities that remuneratuon put into operation after 1 January English They are fighting for new working time regulations and new variable contract-based tariff and remuneration systems.

English The contractually agreed remuneration should be transferred from the European Parliament direct to assistants ' accounts. English We fully endorse the assistants ' attempts to obtain decent recruitment, remuneration and working conditions. English The European Parliament should decide freely, independently and confidently about the remuneration of its Members. English A remuneratikn agricultural policy must retain the European agricultural model and provide farmers with ermuneration remuneration for the multifunctional nature of agricultural work.

English Thirdly, does the solution not lie in the remuneration of donors, as certain European States already practise this system? English I myself would have resolved the matter in individual cases without opening the floodgates to remuneration for all blood products. English For this reason, I think progress was being made in this matter when the objective was voluntary donation and non- remuneration. English The Left Party believes that it is wrong in principle to vote on our own salaries and other remuneration.

English I do have a number of regrets, however, especially regarding the appropriate remuneration to ohw paid to patent holders. English I am convinced that the social what does the word strike mean and financial remuneration of this work will significantly enhance the economic situation and social status of women.

English Any external, senteence or other form of remunerationor any hand-outs of any kind, must be totally and definitively prohibited. English Our copyright legislation must be created around the work and around the artist entitled to remuneration senyence, and not around the technical form.

English Furthermore, we find it extremely shocking that companies should be able to profit from blood donated without remuneration. English They will prevent the remuneration of donors in any circumstances and preclude importation of plasma and plasma products from paid donors. English Within this context, the port authority may require mooring services to handle any safety problems with no obligation for remuneration.

English Amendments Nos 10, 11, 13 and 14 are not sufficiently precise to determine the level of remuneration of the President and his deputy. English In our view, a weighted average of the present 15 figures would represent a sound system of remuneration according to work done. English The second conflict of interest, and the most controversial, relates to the remuneration of rating agencies by the companies they rate. English I would also observe that the issue of the national taxation of remuneration has now entered its final phase.

English The bill aimed at the disclosure of the remuneration of directors and managers of listed sdntence, as well as of the participations held by them. English "SwissEnergy for infrastructure plants" offers operators of sewage treatment plants free advice on feeding electricity into the network and obtaining how to allow certificates on google chrome. English The amount of remuneration depends on the type of electricity, the size of the producer's facility and other criteria as specified sebtence the associated ordinance.

English Since Mayregistration of facilities for remuneration of feed-in at cost should be addressed to Swissgrid national network operator. English The remuneration tariffs for green power have been specified on the basis of reference power plants for each technology and output category. English This means that a given siting region will how to become a stockbroker in new zealand remuneration for a service that it performs in order to solve a national problem.

English This means that a siting region receives remuneration for a service that it performs in order to solve a national problem. English We would like to see the position of female employees in cases of job discrimination, promotion and remuneration improved.

English What we need is a high degree of flexibility in drawing up contracts as employers, and also flexibility as regards remuneration. English In the spring a reserve of EUR 60 million was included how to become a sporty person the parliamentary budget for remuneration related to the Statute for Members.

English Parliament has demanded that Members ' remuneration be paid from parliamentary funds, and the Council has supported this initiative. What do white blood cells make that fights infections We think that the right of resale has an important role to play in giving the originator the right to remuneration.

English In the budget, EUR English The budget appropriates EUR English The Council of Europe has undertaken some important work to increase safety with regard to blood donations and promote the principle of non- remuneration.

English If we now dispense with remunerationthe position of these people - who do not live in the European Union - could how to use remuneration in a sentence much, much worse. English I hope that when in time this directive is reviewed, we will also consider the part the principle of non- remuneration has to play. English I do not think there is any disagreement that patent holders should receive some remuneration for the licences granted without their authorisation.

English In Poland at least the conditions for professional training and development are quite favourable, but likely remuneration is unattractive, hence the brain drain. English The situation is the following: as we all know, Article of the Treaty on European Union stipulates equality of remuneration for men and women. English Investments made to finance such products would only constitute government aid if the networks did not obtain equivalent concessions or adequate remuneration.

English Precisely at a time when the remuneration of expenses is high on the agenda in this House, it is important that the Convention too pursue a responsible policy. English I believe it would be important to obtain an account of the ways in which fair compensation or fair how to use remuneration in a sentence have developed.

English The idea of expressing that as a percentage of the remuneration of a judge of the Court of Justice seems to be a good solution, including where index-linking is concerned. English With decoupling, though, the CAP is establishing historically acquired rights that will have the effect of preventing remuneration for multifunctionality for all farms on all territories. English In agreement with her, I should like to say that the compromise acknowledges that investors must be provided with better information on executive remuneration.

English The increases in remuneration resulting from the system of 'weightings ' which the Members of the Court of Justice and the Court of Auditors are granting to themselves must be condemned. English Thirdly, the fact that remuneratin should be given without remuneration should not even be a matter for discussion: human bodies are not commercial goods.

English We are in favour of the principles underlying this step, even though we disagree with certain provisions concerning the what are all the protein foods and taxation of remuneration for Members. English It would merely consist of remuneration for ownership of land, and therefore, as well as reducing agricultural activity, would lead to speculation in the land market. English It is not enough, however: multifunctional farming brings added value to the community and it is therefore right that there should be appropriate remuneration.

English Remunfration the amount of remuneration is agreed between the producer and the buyer, and a network utilisation fee is charged for the transmission of the electricity through the grid. Game Recommendation Hangman Fancy a game? Or learning new words is more your thing? Why not have a go at them together! Living abroad Living abroad made easy Everything you need to know about life in a foreign country.

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Remuneration in a sentence 1. Generous remuneration packages are often attached to overseas postings. 2. Examples of Remuneration in a sentence The salary earned by teachers is not enough remuneration for all the work they do on a daily basis. ?? If you want Frank to build your deck, you will have to pay for lumber and give him remuneration for his time. ??. How to use Remuneration in a sentence? View Remuneration usage in sample sentences.

Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. Use "remuneration" in a sentence Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. Remuneration in a sentence remuneration example sentences But the job should be of good remuneration , plus But the remuneration was almost nothing, leaving Rodin.

We are still to resolve the issue of financial remuneration. I don't know exactly what Theo Burton's remuneration package was, but.

Before I conclude, one word on the principle upon which remuneration should be based. There the priest teaches, receiving as a remuneration either money, or labour, or both. Stripehead asked what the band would receive by way of remuneration for this appearance. White sent me an apology accompanied by a complete release of claims to sign without the offer of any remuneration. For a complete understanding of the benefits in military retirement, here is a list of the three remuneration plans.

Self employed women had hard time earning proper remuneration for their efforts or open a bank account to get a loan.

The last mile I performed on foot, having dismissed the chaise and driver with the double remuneration I had promised. In India, he served the poor indigo farmers of Bihar without any remuneration and was at definite risk of going to jail.

You know, it is considered a hardship post with a considerable increase in remuneration and nowhere to spend your money. With a marked amount of urgency Stripehead repeated his question regarding when band members would receive remuneration. Stripehead asked when the band members would receive remuneration , with particular reference to when he would get some cash. Especially pertinent in these documents are disclosures about management remuneration , and transactions between the company and insiders.

So some one time remuneration for the best cell design by the government may be required to enable widespread open competition in manufacturing. The slot he left was then filled by Gary but with no extra remuneration , the nearest thing Gary could call a promotion in his career with the EA.

All the doctors I saw were attached to the military hospital which provided the medical care my husband and I received as part of his remuneration.

I wish the investigation general; the provision for remuneration general, to all who suffered under the lash of that unconstitutional sedition law. Basically, the Teacher Retirement System aims to provide retirement benefits and other related remuneration to the teachers who had chosen to be a part of the program.

Justice is served for the victims when a judge rules against the criminal and awards the plaintiffs with remuneration , and the guilty party cleans up the mess it made.

Especially pertinent in these documents are disclosures about management remuneration , insider borrowings from the company, and transactions between the company and insiders. In matters of the remuneration of the teachers, the difference between the view of the masses and that of the County Council has almost all been expressed in the preceding pages. One cannot resist the belief that one-half of them are written with an eye upon the gullible playwright, for a play means larger remuneration than any novel could ever hope to secure.

They are— 1 the considerable remuneration of artists for their productions, and the professionalization of artists which this has produced, 2 art criticism, and 3 schools of art. Each Bank3Sector servant will have the finality of building fantastic financial amount of trillion of trillion dollars, without this voluminous capital is returned or lent with remuneration.

She started this practice of collecting trophies of what she called our career achievements—meaning souvenirs of the houses and people we looked after as part of oru rightful remuneration. I need it, and I seek it so far, sir, that some true philanthropist will put me in the way of getting work which I can do, and the remuneration for which will keep me, if but in the barest necessaries of life.

On the other hand he had a distinct and painful recollection they paid his wife, Madam Marion Tweedy who had been prominently associated with it at one time, a very modest remuneration indeed for her pianoplaying. And this is the reason, my dear Thrasymachus, why, as I was just now saying, no one is willing to govern; because no one likes to take in hand the reformation of evils which are not his concern without remuneration.

Once productivity has been improved, the income of the company will grow, meaning there will be more funds for remuneration and more probabilities that the company will adhere to its employees' cultivation and motivation. He said the prize money arising from the capture, had not the public service required the destruction of the Guerriere, would have amounted to much more; and the merits of those concerned in the capture entitled them to this remuneration.

It consists in taking the wealth away from the labouring classes in the shape of monetary taxes, and distributing this wealth among the officials, who for this remuneration are obliged to maintain and strengthen the enslavement of the masses. If under the sedition law for a letter written by a member of this House to his constituents, giving his view of public measures, he has been punished, it concerns the safety of this House that complete and perfect remuneration should be made.

The proxy statement and Part II of the K contain descriptions of management remuneration , certain transactions with insiders, and in proxy statements where shareholder votes are solicited, proposals designed to insulate management in office.

Therefore, the current Banks or credit societies run behind the popular savings to generate the force of the accumulation for the multiplier effect of the money in the banking industry, besides the investments with remuneration to the investors. His remuneration should also enable him to devote sufficient time and care to every detail of his responsible work, and eliminate a very real source of danger which is unavoidable if the haste and the bustle of trade methods are adopted by pharmacy.

These five subjects are: 1 the school building, 2 the schedule of instruction, 3 the distribution of the schools according to localities, 4 the choice of the teacher, and—what is most important— 5 the material means, the remuneration of the teachers. There are a few outcomes if you go to court: you lose the case; you win but eventually the judgment is changed and you wind up losing; you win but the amount of the remuneration is drastically reduced; you win and are awarded the same amount as prescribed at trial.

Only when the masses themselves choose the centres for the schools, themselves choose teachers, determine the amount of the remuneration , and directly enjoy the advantages of the schools, will they be ready to add means for the schools if such should become necessary. It was rewarding a service, which, had it been rendered on land, would have received no remuneration , as experience had proved in the case of the Tippecanoe expedition; and that it was contrary to justice to confer pecuniary rewards on one class of our citizens in exclusion of others.

While it had been agreed in Cabinet that the generous State remuneration that they all received, plus even more generous expenses, would soon replenish their depleted coffers, many realised that the farms and land to which they had helped themselves earlier were now largely valueless.

He concluded that the most potent factor was All cooperative schemes which provide equal remuneration to the skilled and industrious and the ignorant and idle, must work their own downfall, for by this unjust plan of remuneration they must of necessity eliminate the valuable members.

With patience then, and with impatience about nothing but this, that we deny ourselves the study of the great works of art of Europe and Asia by thirty per cent and forty per cent and sixty per cent duty, and deny to the author all proper remuneration for his work by the lack of common honesty. He said he should like to know who contributed to the relief of James Thompson Callender, when he was prosecuted; but he had some doubt whether it was proper to enter into any inquiry or whether it was proper to pass the resolution pointing to the remuneration of sufferers under the sedition law.

Taking up this question, the original resolution of my colleague is that remuneration should be made to those people who suffered under it; but seeing that the question with respect to the constitutionality of the law had always been matter of dispute, it proposes that a committee shall inquire into the subject.

Touchard suddenly discovered that the fees he had asked were too small, and with ' dignity ' announced in his lettr to you ' that little princes and senator's children were educated in his establishment, and that it was lowering its tone to keep a pupil of such humble origin as me unless the remuneration were increased. We establish principles of business that enable all to participate in our capitalistic system without being thwarted by people of money, and as discussed in Chapter 2 no holding onto patents, use or lose , one time remuneration for critical discoveries, sharing economies of the big retailers, good ethical behavior, etc.

Your committee, therefore, under an impression that the aforesaid slaves would be delivered to the agent of the United States for Indian Affairs among the Cherokee Indians upon conditions more favorable to the United States than a full remuneration of their value to the petitioners, respectfully submit the following resolution:. But, sir, not only the public morals, but the public economy require that you should not enlist minors without the consent of their parents, guardians, or masters.

It was a fact, he said, well known in almost every part of the United States, that the people in the district from which he had just been returned, had suffered as much in the cause of democracy as that of any other; that they had presented as firm a barrier to Federal oppression, and perhaps had as just claims as any other people in the United States to remuneration for losses in the cause.

Successful arrest and conviction must operate as a deterrent and the State should, within the limits of its undoubtedly constrained resources, seek to deter serious crime by adequate remuneration for the police force; by incentives to improve their training and skill; by augmenting their numbers in key areas; and by facilitating their legitimacy in the perception of the communities in which they work Chairman, that, at that period of their lives and servitude, in which you make them liable, if this section is retained, to be drawn from the service of their masters, that then, and only then, are they enabled and become qualified to make some remuneration for the pains and attention paid to their improvement and instruction by the worthy and industrious mechanic or manufacturer; and will you, by this unpropitious act, endanger the future happiness of the former, and withhold that just reward due to the industry of the latter?

You annihilate this contract, which ought to be held, if possible, inviolate by the Government. And it is obvious how great a difference must exist between works of art produced on the one hand by men such as the Jewish prophets, the authors of the Psalms, Francis of Assisi, the authors of the "Iliad" and "Odyssey," of folk-stories, legends, and folk-songs, many of whom not only received no remuneration for their work, but did not even attach their names to it; and, on the other hand, works produced by court poets, dramatists and musicians receiving honors and remuneration ; and later on by professional artists, who lived by the trade, receiving remuneration from newspaper editors, publishers, impresarios, and in general from those agents who come between the artists and the town public—the consumers of art.

It consists in this: 1 the masses choose a teacher according to their means, and they admit and know from experience that there are teachers at all prices, from two puds of flour a month to thirty roubles a month; 2 teachers are to be remunerated for the winter months, for those during which there can be some instruction; 3 the masses, in the housing of the school as also in matters of the remuneration of the teachers, always know how to find a cheap way: they give flour, hay, the use of carts, eggs, and all kinds of trifles, which are imperceptible to the world at large, but which improve the teacher's condition; 4 above all, a teacher is paid, or is remunerated in addition to the payment, by the parents of the pupils, who pay by the month, or by the whole Commune which enjoys the advantages of the school, and not by the administration that has no direct interest in the matter.

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