How to speed up my bsnl broadband internet connection

how to speed up my bsnl broadband internet connection

How to Increase BSNL Broadband Speed

According to the BSNL broadband plan, if you have a 2mbps broadband connection and after the high-speed usage data, you will get the only Kbps. Here are few tricks to increase your BSNL Broadband speed. In India, The BSNL Broadband internet connection is a most used internet service. If you have BSNL broadband Internet connection and facing. Jan 17,  · Custom DNS Server to Increase BSNL Broadband Speed DNS plays a very important role in connection speed. There are many high-speed DNS servers available which you can use to effectively increase the internet speed.

Nothing makes us angrier than Slow Internet Speed. And guess what, you are not alone. Later on after doing some tweaks, we managed to increase further to 2. Connecction of the methods mentioned below are applicable what reasons can be given for divorce other Broadband users as well.

If you are an existing Jio sim user and if you are facing issues with your Jio 4G network and its speed, then check our guide on Increasing Jio Internet Speed by 5X.

Now follow the different methods mentioned below and see which one works for you. To do that simply follow the steps below. Also, see how you can Access any Blocked Website in under a Minute. This is a universal method and applies to all Internet Connections no matter if it is Broadband, WiFi et applies to all. Broadbamd Caches and What to feed a five month old baby files can affect the broavband bandwidth that a normal user gets.

So clearing cache can solve the problem to some extent. Connectioon method has to be done from our Web Browser. Settings for all Web Browser will almost be the same.

I will share how you can do it for Google Chrome and do it with your Browser as well. Viruses, Adware, and Malware can cause Internet Speed issues. If you are doubted that your computer is infected by some sort of Virus then ul download any good Antivurs and a deep scan of your computer. If you find any unwanted apps or File then right away delete it and if Antivirus finds any Virus or Malware then remove them, too. The next method is to Block all the Unwanted applications that drain Internet Speed for no use.

You can easily do it by visiting the Windows Task Manager. Only do this step if you know what you are doing. Simply stopping Apps that are needed might create some issues with Softwares that are currently running on your computer.

Do it with caution. All you want to do is just download the software from the link below and then follow the steps. TCP Optimizer. Even after applying all the methods mentioned above and also you are not able to get High Speed Internet then broqdband next step is tto contact a BSNL Service hos and ask him to do it for you.

Hope this helps and also be sure to share this article with your friends who are facing this Internet Speed issue. Astro K Joseph. Next Article Unblock Slither. What Song is this? Load More.

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Are you a BSNL broadband user? If yes than many times you are facing the problem related to the speed of broadband. Am I right? Then do not worry. We are here to help you to solve the problem and let you know how to speed up BSNL broadband. We have already shared how to check main balance in BSNL? Do check. BSNL is one of the oldest and one of the most popular internet service providers with low internet charges in India.

It is a good choice for people who are looking for the cheapest broadband only. They introduced the new scheme of broadband which says that users will receive the speed of the minimum 2MBPS speed, but in actual the scenario is different. If you are opting high-speed plan of broadband then also you will receive the speed kbps because they are not working for all locations.

But do not worry about this article you will find the tips to increase BSNL broadband speed. To compete with the other broadband competitors, BSNL recently declared that they are updating their speed from Kbps to 2 MBPS , but somehow it is not possible for many users.

Note that before you apply the tricks take a screenshot of the internet speed using Internet speed test website so that after applying any of the methods you can compare the speed. Step 1: First, in the search bar type control panel and open it. Inside it goes to the network and internet. Sometimes the browsing cache is a reason for slow internet connection speed. Sometimes the outdated and corrupt drivers can lead to a low internet connection. So always update your drivers.

You can update it manually or automatically with the software like Driver Easy. Most of the viruses and malware block the speed of the internet. So periodically scan your pc with antivirus software or with windows defender.

One of the reasons for low internet speed is Browser Cache so clear your browser catch and also clear your history.

To reduce catch speed follow the path given below. The path depends upon the web browser you are using. Step 1: Press Windows key and R key together to open run command. Step 3: Inside the Limit Reservable Bandwidth, you have to change the value to 0. TCP Optimizer Software is one of the best software for optimizing your internet download speed. After downloading you need to install the file. When you complete you need to open the application and you will see a bar that allows you to adjust speed.

With this software, you can adjust the speed which you desire and apply the changes. It is all about how to increase BSNL broadband speed. With our working guide you can easily speed up your BSNL broadband We hope you find this article useful. In case of any question related to the BSNL speed increase, you can ask using the comment box. Thank you! Jitendra Dabhi is the tech blogger of TechTipTrick. He is a passionate blogger and turned blogging into a money-making idea for smart passive income.

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