How to make a girl obsessed with you

how to make a girl obsessed with you

How to Make a Girl Obsessed With You

Jun 12, Use Code: OBSESSED15 for 15% OFF Best Sellers: the ENEMY VIP List https://ENEM. May 10, Being gentle is rarely done by guys but it is actually the best ways to make your girlfriend obsessed about you. Flirt With Her Once In A While Its important to maintain the spark by using the Things to Say to Flirt with Your Crush.

Author: Andreas. She was standing at a corner, chatting animatedly with her girlfriends. The first thing, you noticed about her was how she swayed her long golden hair. Her beauty mesmerized you. There was no way you were going home without her contacts. Trembling, you approached her table where she was having a margarita.

You ordered another round. Later you asked for her number as she was leaving. The biggest fear for most guys is being rejected by a girl you are madly in love with. But, with the right strategy, you can win her over especially through text. If she is slowly losing interest then you need to turn the tables. Remember you are not the only guy pursuing her. So, here goes the best strategy for getting that girl to fall over heels for you. This is the part where most guys get it wrong. If you take long, then she figures you were joking or lack the confidence to pursue her.

If you got her number through a friend or at a party you should first introduce yourself. If she is super-hot as you keep telling the boys then she probably has many suitors and your name may not show up on her radar. The reason a girl will become obsessed with a certain guy is that he has something that is not found in other guys. It could be his voice, how he treats her, or some special gift that keeps her intrigued.

You should extend this originality even when texting. Be witty, charming and creative in your texts and she will look be looking forward to having conversations with you. Here is another secret that you should wear on your sleeve. The person who ends the conversation is the one leads the conversation. Make how to order xanax bars online text short and to the point. Occasionally, become busy. This will create anticipation on the part of the girl and she will start craving your texts.

When you become the one who ends the conversation, you appear scarce and in demand. She will seek not to lose you. Instead of instantaneously replying to every one of her texts, occasionally go silent when in the middle of a conversation.

This will turn the tables and she will be the one checking her phone for any replies. It also eliminates you looking needy. However, do not also take too long to reply to her texts as she might start assuming you do not have time for her.

Good communication is vital for the success of the relationship. This is a text, not a thesis. Loosen up a bit. The problem when you try too much to impress a girl is that you go overboard and over-text. This comes as unimaginative. Relax and be yourself. Remember if she is into you, she is probably as nervous as you are.

There is also no perfect way to text as people have varying personalities. Lastly, avoid sending her those long texts that take minutes to read. One sure way to keep your conversations flowing is to ask her questions. When you ask a question, it signifies that you are also waiting for an answer. This forces her to respond to your text in an effort not to appear rude. Questions about her day or what she plans to do during the weekend are great when you are starting out texting.

If you ask her how was the concert last night, press her for more details. No girl likes a guy who takes life too seriously. Flirting shows that you desire to be more than friends. Do not overdo it but use it occasionally especially when she is in a good mood.

Use emoticons, be playful in your replies and at the right moment tease her a bit. Sprinkle your words with a bit of compliment but ensure that they are honest and not just intended to get her to bed. It is the dream of many guys to have girls chasing after them. However, you need a strategy for this to happen. If the girl notices that you are insecure, needy and too nice then you may lose her to the hulk bodied guy.

Whenever, you get a number from a girl, ensure that you text her as soon as possible. Delaying shows a lack of interest or low confidence levels. Be playful, humorous and at times delay a bit before replying to her text. Keep the conversations flowing by asking her questions that do not require and one-sentence reply. Do not over text her as it implies you are insecure. Many girls will have several guys texting them at the same time, and the alpha male is the one what are crocs made of wins the spoils.

When texting ensure that you leave her in suspense by not revealing too many details. This leaves her with anticipation as to your next text. With the right strategy, you will not only have one girl obsessed with you but many.

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Now, you are confused about how to make her obsessed with you. Table of Contents. Learn More.

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Nov 30, There are 5 of these texts in all, which can turn her on & get her thinking about sex with you just click the one you want to know more about below: 1) If you want her to suggest sex FAST. 2) If she mentions anything about herself. 3) The Location trick to get her home with David Dupree.

Last week, I showed you some unexpected advantages of texting girls instead of calling them and today, I want to talk a little bit more about that. Because in today's day and age, there's no denying that texting is a huge part of your game when it comes to attracting women.

Especially when studies show texting is a huge component of escalating with womenin many cases, you may end up texting her consistently before you even go on a date together! So today, I'll show you a few more advantages that texting gives youplus some simple hacks that can get girls thinking about you more often. These are especially good if you're in a long-distance relationship, or live far away from the woman you're texting.

And one way to use that is quite simpleyou can reduce the number of words you use to communicate. When it comes out of your mouth, you can't quite take it back.

However, with texting, you can edit it in your head before you write it down. But whoops! You remember thatsmall worldFreddie is her cousin's husband. So this sentiment then becomes:. On top of using your texts as a buffer, you can also use them to control the amount of conflict in your interactions.

Often, something that would seem contentious can be handled via text without emotions getting out of hand. I won't deny that the same thing can happen in a face-to-face conversation. However, it's easier to miss, ignore, or pretend not to notice the seriousness when you're texting.

I am recommending, rather, that you exercise your ability to minimize the seriousness of the drama that may sometimes come your way. I rememberlike it was yesterdaymy uncle chatting with me as we watched his toddler exercise new legs across a basement's carpeted floor.

He threw too hard or the boy was too unsteady, because after it hit his behind, the boy fell back, sitting down hard. He started to look and sound on the verge of tears. We were playing. We had fun! Frame control is certainly not easy in face-to-face situationsespecially with a better communicator. Sorry to be sexist about this, but while my uncle may have aced a communications competition with his one-year-old son almost every female over the age of 17 is probably a better communicator than you areif you are male.

Of course, this is not always the case. There are no hard and fast rules in any area of human performanceof endeavor. This means that in a face-to-face conversation, or talking on the phone, it's very likely that a woman will be able to push your buttons and amplify emotions that may not be helpful to you. This reduces, of course, as you get better at the two most important male characteristics where social interactions are concerned:.

Texting allows you to continue to give these touchesand the attention that another person craveswith a greatly reduced commitment of time and energy. It's better than anything I've ever experienced. The sex isfor mesuperior to any other relationship or fantasy I've ever had. He drifts away. Of course, this is a guideline.

You can definitely have some instant chat portions of this text conversation, but not right away. It's best to get her used to the fact that even if time passes, you WILL respond.

Not all day, mind youbut 15 minutes, half an hour, and sometimes even 45 minutes are very comfortable. She would expect you to back that kind of obsession up with promises, gifts, and romantic gesturesdepending on her personal love language. This includes pauses between the evening and the next morning, or between the morning and the evening after you've had a full day. Of course, it can take time to develop intense affection and attachment.

Texting can give both of you the patience and the freedom to try the intense interaction that might be too much in person. My examples provide you with a good enough template, but it's always best to showcase your own personal style whenever you can.

Side note: I highly recommend you watch the full seminar if you have the time. Great stuff man. Check this out for even better odds of getting her to text you back or more:.

When a girl gives you her phone number, there's no guarantee that she actually likes you. Usually, doing this is just her way to figure out if she's interested in you sexually or not. Sometimes, it's through phone calls, yes, but these days, texting is usually easier. Click here to see some examples of texts that get girls interested in you. I'm going to show you exactly what to text women, and when, so she'll be blowing up your phone and practically begging to meet up with you.

Because trust me, if a girl is texting you back a lot and responding to the texts I showed you in the video. Did you know texting is one of the easiest ways to keep hot girls around for casual hookups whenever you want? Let's begin with continuing with some more important things that texting allows you to control. Texting allows you something that talking on the phone generally does not: A buffer. Here's a personal example from my own life to illustrate this concept: I rememberlike it was yesterdaymy uncle chatting with me as we watched his toddler exercise new legs across a basement's carpeted floor.

Looking over at the boy, he tossed a small basketball at his diapered backside. The boy laughed too and wobbled to his feet. What happened there? My uncle determined the frame of the event. I got hurt! I fell down hard! With texting, you can keep the effect of this extortion to yourself. Sometimes it's best if she doesn't know that. Let me show you what I mean. Well, one on one face time is intense.

You can't replace it with anything. So how can you make a girl feel that intensity through texting? Is it even possible? Yesand I'll show you how.

But only to that first text. But beyond knowing when to text herwhat should you text her? And as you probably already guessed, the way she figures this out is through texting. This is what makes texting women today so tricky.

So that's what I want to share with you today! Gotham Club. Privacy Policy Terms of Service Contact.

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