How to get rid of a possum in the house

how to get rid of a possum in the house

Opossum in House - What do Do

Apr 15, Tips for Getting Rid of Possums While there are many chemical repellents available, they generally dont have much impact on their own. Other opossum control methods are more successful, including Author: Miranda Siwak. Jan 31, Get a live-holding cage trap. If you have possums in your crawlspaces, such as your roof or under your house, you may need to physically remove them. Get a live-holding trap from a big 88%(33).

By Miranda Siwak. Possums and opossums, while both marsupials, are different animals. Before you attempt to trap or remove an annoying opossum from your yard, the first step is proper identification. Many gray opossums are often confused with cats. To help you identify the right animal, most adult opossums are between 24 and 40 inches long with a to inch-long tail and weigh between 4 and 12 pounds.

You can also identify opossums by their droppings. What does opossum poop look like? Removing an opossum can be challenging, and the best way to control this population is through preventive measures. Getting rid of or sealing food materials, geh sources, and potential opossum homes effectively prevents these critters from sticking around. Use sealable trash bags when removing these items to keep opossums from rooting through the trash can. Where do opossums live? They prefer forested or bushy homes and will use leftover and destroyed settings as a house, so the yard will be less hospitable if there are no brush piles, dilapidated buildings, or holes under concrete slabs.

Open holes provide easy access. To limit access, trim branches, close entrances, and fix broken vents or foundation cracks. Opossums occasionally enter homes through pet doors, so those doors should be sealed, too. Since opossums are expert climbers, they can easily climb a tree onto a long branch and jump to land on the roof near a chimney.

Trimming tree branches makes them harder ov climb. Chemical repellents from your local home improvement or hardware store can be applied to gardens, flower beds, and structure bases to discourage opossums. While repellents vary by brand and type, most are powder and include predator urine. They have a powerful odor and are relatively expensive to purchase. They typically offer little relief unless applied frequently and in high concentrations and are best used in conjunction with other methods.

Chili powder can also be used in a pinch, although it needs to be reapplied frequently. Electronic repellents, like motion-activated sprinklers, can startle opossums and scare them away. These repellents are eco-friendly and deliver more consistent results. They can be used on lawns, chicken coops, entryways, pools, barns, compost bins, trees, gst other areas around the yard.

Lawn lights and wind chimes can also help make a backyard a less welcoming place. While opossums rie skilled climbers, a wire or electric fence can keep them away from a garden. To deter these critters, fencing should be at least 4 feet high, with the top foot facing outward to create an overhang.

You can add an electric fence, too, set how to get rid of a possum in the house an outward angle, approximately 3 to 4 inches over the top. Any other area, including underneath porches, stairways, and crawl spaces should be blocked off. Cover these openings with steel wire mesh or sheet metal. If an opossum has found its way into the home, a live trap can lure the critter out.

What do opossums eat? A study in The Journal of Wildlife Management showed the kn contents of wild opossums varied, but they generally prefer fruit, grain, or insects. Food items like jam or peanut housw on bread or overripe fruit will appeal to them.

Opossums like tight, secure spaces with small entrances that can protect them from larger predators. What school did langston hughes attend instance, an old dog carrier crate without its front door works nicely, as do homemade shelters made from old coolers or plastic tubs. Opossums can be a nuisance around the house and, fet they get inside, can cause severe damage. The service technician will remove the animal and develop a customized plan to keep future pests away.

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Regions and identification

Mar 29, A trap is the most effective way to remove opossums from your property. When performed along with prevention and repellent methods, trapping can also be the quickest way to get rid of them. How To Use a Live Opossum Trap After youve purchased a live trap, be sure to fully read the instructions so you understand how to use it. Before deciding how to get rid of a possum, verify the animal you are dealing with. Possums at first glance, might be confused with large house cats. According to Penn State: Adult Virginia opossums are between 24 and 40 inches long. This overall length includes a 10 to 12 inch long tail. May 12, Avoid harming them and use natural repellents to get rid of possums rather than harming them. Theyre peaceful animals and prefer to not fight when possible. Possums that get into the house though pose a different story. They can start to damage your belonging, furniture, and property.

And you need to get rid of possums. They tend to have darker fur, typically silver and black with a hairless prehensile tail that they can use to grapple objects and hang from trees. Possums are nighttime creatures, so finding them in the act is difficult. This type of dropping typically shows up where they feed and spend most of their time at during the night time, so you can kind of gauge where to set up your traps and DIY solutions to get rid of possums.

But the shape and size of them will always be similar. They may range in color from brown to black to light orange. Opossum poop has a shiny, hazy, and film-like appearance, which makes it different from most other pests, like shrews.

They can transmit a disease to your dog, which then can transmit to you. So be warned. They actually have a much lower body temperature compared to other pests, which makes them resistant towards rabies and other common diseases in the wild.

They will attempt to defend themselves when they feel threatened, and will also play dead, hiss, growl, and even bite when necessary- especially when cornered. If possible, you should leave them alone and learn to live with them. Avoid harming them and use natural repellents to get rid of possums rather than harming them. Possums that get into the house though pose a different story. They can start to damage your belonging, furniture, and property.

This is where you should looking getting rid of them by repelling them. Start with a conservatives approach at first, then transition to a more aggressive approach if needed.

Possums are known to be nocturnal creatures , so they come out at night. But there are a few species that will come out during the day. The majority of them will come out from dusk to dawn. When they come out at night, they eat, feed, and forage. Feeling lost? No time? No energy? They'll keep coming back at no charge to you for additional treatments until the pests are fully eliminated. They can climb nearly vertical walls if given enough footing and can easily climb up over your fencing, walls, and house.

If given enough area to slip their paws into, they can climb without issue really. Baby possums may have trouble climbing and can scratch surfaces they attempted to climb, so if have you scratches everywhere, this could be possum activity. Thankfully, possums are relatively easy to catch and relocate. This is why possums can be dangerous. So be careful of them. If you have a possum in the house, you should treat everything as contaminated until the problem is taken care of.

Be safe. And treat all your surfaces as possum-contaminated until you get rid of the possum. Then do an entire household cleaning to be safe. Most people see them as a marsupial pest as they have an unsightly appearance and a bad reputation, and they want to get rid of them from their yard. This is subjective. You can easily let them roam and clean up pests from your garden. So we can stick with that. However, if you do happen to get bitten by a possum, seek medical attention to get it checked out.

You should do your due diligence at all times. Rats can definitely be aggressive towards possums, so they may bite or retaliate in response. Possums are slow and terrible at catching rats. And will likely avoid them if possible. Poops are typically scared of people and will stay away.

Possums will bite if provoked, and especially when cornered. Possousmare omnivores and eat both plant and meat, typically bugs. They cause little damage to the environment and mainly eat pests, bugs, boxelder bugs , snails, slugs, chinch bugs , and plants.

Possums that get into your coop will eat eggs and even baby chickens. Chickens like bantams which are small are at risk from possums. Be sure to secure your coop with wire fencing and lock up at nighttime. Possums will seek out the eggs. During this process, they may fight and kill your roosters, hens, and chicks. Possums will climb on the roof of your home, shed, or outhouse as a source of foraging and scavenging when looking for food.

And they may be taking shelter in your attic. If not, you should definitely secure your attic ASAP before they do. As the attic is somewhere every possum would absolutely like to live, especially pregnant adult frame possums.

You can get rid of possums on your roof by placing traps, although this is not practical and dangerous. Possums discovered in your attic should be no surprise because the attic makes a perfect nesting place.

Possums are provided a source to hide, comfortable insulation to sleep on, and plenty of space to hide and reside away from humans and other predators. You can tell when you have a possum problem in your attic by the following signs:.

They invade your attic through available vents, ducts, eave gaps, or any other available entry point. They climb houses easily and also can use nearby trees like a bridge.

Not to mention possums in your attic will easily lead to the spread of disease from parasites, pathogens, and droppings. They may also bring in food from the outdoors and other parasitic pests that are living on their skin or hair.

This is why you need to get rid of them from the attic ASAP. Female possums are more likely to take shelter in the attic as they need a place to give birth and shelter their young. The baby possums often cling to the female adult, so you can get rid of all the possums in one go.

To get rid of possums in the attic, you should start with traps, either by DIY possum traps or commercial traps. You can also remove them manually using a snare pole, but take cautions. Using traps are the easiest way to get rid of them and you can use the traps.

You can prevent possums from getting under your mobile home by securing it. Possums may be present in your outdoor shed because it provides a safe spot to hide from predators and is close quarters the possum feels safe. If you know the possum is getting into your shed, use commercial or DIY possum traps- outlined in this guide. Possums may nest and even breed within your shed, and often shed owners state that they like to live beneath the shed.

You can prevent this by using traps or securing the base. Those are the only two ways to get rid of possums living around the shed and to prevent them from getting into your shed in the first place- and for good.

So be patient and persistent. Typically, removing the food source will be a good start to rid them. You can start with this and then use a combination of any of the following techniques.

The smell and presence of the hair will repel and deter possums, especially if the hair is fresh. However, never let your dog or cat roam the yard when possums are around- they may attack your pet.

They absolutely are repulsed by ammonia and you can spray this stuff mixed with some water in a ratio where you suspect possums are to be found. Be careful though, as ammonia is harmful and should not be used anywhere humans may be in contact with it or other living things. Essential oils are an excellent way to get rid of possums entirely.

The trick is to use this stuff in areas where you want them to stay away from. Peppermint oil, in particular, is a very strong essential oil that you can buy at any grocery store. Buy a bottle and just pour somewhere you want possums to avoid. You can try mixing them or experimenting with various oils. Sometimes possums get used to a scent and will ignore the oil.

When this happens, switch up the oil. This is probably an obvious one, but possums are here because they know they can get food around your house.

Remove all traces of food in your yard- including the following:. This may also be another obvious one, but possums will dig through your garbage and compost bins. Be sure to lock them with secure padlocks- any type will do. You can also use weights, chains, bungee cords, or even just plain rope. Also, they may end up getting into fights with the possums if you keep them out there, so when a possum problem arises, keep them fed in your house and away from the yard until the problem is taken care of.

This includes chicken coops and chicken feed, or horse bales, or anything else you may keep outdoors. Either secure it or clean up any scraps.

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