How to generate crystal report in

how to generate crystal report in

How to Create Crystal Reports in ASP.NET Webforms

Jun 08,  · The following is my Employee Table, of which the data I will show as a report in using Crystal Reports. Image 1. Now open Visual Studio then select File -> New -> Web Site. Image 2. Then right-click on the Solution Explorer then select Add New Item then select Crystal Reports . Jan 01,  · Step 1: Create a report file. Create a report file ( Write a stored procedure (rsp_get_employee_info_by_dept_id_team_id) to retrieve data. Set the stored procedure as crystal report data source. Design crystal reports.

In this article I will describe how to generate Crystal Report on a particular Web API call and send the report to the user as an email attachment. We know that in Web API we don't have any views or designer to show the what is the meaning of a monarch butterfly report. So here I will generate the report and send the report to the client. Here are the simple steps to do it. The first step here is to create a new Web API project.

After creating the project add a new controller as "DetailsController". Provide all the Connection string details and test your connection. Choose Yes to include this connection string in Web. Choose the table on which you want to work. Click Finish and check benerate table. Now add the Crystal Reports as follows. Select the table you want to show data in Crystal Report. Click Next to display all fields of that table. Now just select the field you want to display in the report.

After that Click " Finish " to complete the process and it will show the following report structure. I have designed the report by providing Header and Footer image as shown below. Now Create a model as "Users" like this in Model Folder. Generic; using System. Linq; using System. UrlDecode user. Email; obj. FirstName; obj. LastName; model. Load Path. Combine System. SetDatabaseLogon "sa""" ; foreach Table tbl in rd. ApplyLogOnInfo tbl. MailMessage "debendra gmail. Add new Attachment stream, "UsersRegistration.

Format repkrt Created and sended to your Mail. CreateResponse HttpStatusCode. I am allowing all users so I used AllowAnonymous attribute here. As it is a post method I have given post. This method needs a parameter how to extract compressed files email which will come from my Users Model.

I am getting all my data from my database using the following Query where cX is my entity object. Now generats a hwo and send it to user as per the email entered. T if it will ask for an invalid database so I have set the connection string detail here also. It will added to the chrome. Now double asp.neg to open it. After opening it provide the API url with the parameter as follows. After that click on save. It will show asp.het the response as that means your request is successfuly executed.

Now go to the mail and check for the ohw. Now click the mail to open it. Click Open to open the pdf report as follows. Hope you crydtal the whole process. View All. Debendra Dash Updated date Apr 03, Next Recommended Article. Classes And Objects. NET Core.

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Jan 21,  · This is simple way to create a crystal report in This is simple way to create a crystal report in I created Core application, and I tried to apply crystal report on it, I installed the ( from NuGet, but, unfortunately it is showing me this warning and it is not working: (This package may not be fully compatible with your project) with warning code NU, That means it is supported Framework not Core. Jul 20,  · This is crystal report tutorial. how to create crystal reports and how to connect crystal reports to sql server database in visual studio in c#.

NET Web Form applications. We are using the Northwind Database. You can download it from CodePlex. The First step is to create a Web form application. Follow these steps to create a Web Forms Project. For this example let us choose ADO. NET Dataset. To use ADO. NET Dataset we need to create a dataset in our project. To do that follow the following steps. This will bring up Choose your data connection wizard. The drop-down will display the already created connections. To Create a new connection, click on the New Connection.

The next dialogue box is Add Connection dialogue box. If you wish to change it to some other provider then, click on Change. The new connection which we created in the previous step appears on drop down.

Expand the plus right below connection drop-down see the connection string. You will be prompted to whether you wish to add this connection to the web. Select yes and click Next. Click on Next. This will take us to the Choose methods to Generate dialogue box. This wizard asks for the methods you want to add to our TableAdapter.

Select tick on all three and Click on Next. The dataset is generated for us. Save and close the dataset. For this example let us create the report as a Blank Report. A blank Report is Created and ready for use. Notice that the reference to the following Crystal Report Namespace is added to our project. Now we need to connect this report to the dataset we created.

Locate and Open the crystal Report rptCustomerList. To Connect to the dataset do the following. To do this double click on Show Button to open the code behind class. First, We need to Fill the data table with the Customers data.

Create the rpt object, which is an instance of our rptCustomerList. Note the rptCustomerList is the name of the Crystal Report, which we had created in step 3. The object rpt is our Report. Now our Crystal Report Viewer is ready to display our report.

Finally, store our Report in the Session using Session. The Report object is retrieved from the Session and assigned to the ReportSource Property of the CrystalReportViewer Control when the page is refreshed or user navigates from one page to another. It may happen that report might not display properly or may not display at all.

There are two common problems, that usually occurs in ASP. NET Web Forms application. You can download the source code from the GitHub. The sample database Northwind can found from CodePlex. Can reports created with crystal reports be run on Windows server under asp.

If so what crystal runtime file needs to be installed on the server and where do we download that file or app? It was working before when I first tried. Crystal report generation using asp. Excellent tutorial! This has helped me start an upgrade from Classic ASP and Crystal 8 running on a 32 bit app server to the latest Crystal in.

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Create ASP. Create an ASP. New ASP. NET Project. Add Connection. Connection Added. Save the connection. Enter an SQL Statement.

Add Crystal Report. Crystal Report Wizard. Reference Added. Database Expert. Attach Dataset. Add Fields to the Report. Create a Web Form. Add a Button. Add a Crystal Report Viewer Control. Using CrystalDecisions. Engine ;. Shared ;. Generic ;. Linq ;. Web ;. CustomersTableAdapter ;. Tables [ "Customers" ] ;. Fill dt ;. SetDataSource ds ;. Add "report" , rpt ;.

Save And Run the Report. Leave a Comment Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published. Type here.. Engine ; Using CrystalDecisions. Generic ; using System. Linq ; using System. Web ; using System. UI ; using System. Engine ; using CrystalDecisions. CustomersDataTable ds. Tables [ "Customers" ] ; da.

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