How to entertain someone on the phone

how to entertain someone on the phone

How to Entertain a Girl Over Text: Excite Her Mind with Words

3 Ways to Entertain People - wikiHow. Jul 14,  · Use your most desirable phone voice to attract him and keep his attention. Be a little flirty, encouraging and smile when you’re speaking—this will give your voice an appealing and welcoming tone and get his imagination going. Make him feel comfortable.

Last Updated: January 26, References. This article was co-authored by Christina Millikin. Glow Events entertaln a boutique event planning firm specializing in full event production and creative design for corporate and social events. Christina has worked with clients such as Salesforce, Heroku, Okta, and Netflix.

There are 8 references cited in how to load staple gun article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewedtimes. Entertaining people is an art. To truly entertain people, you don't need to juggle, tell knock-knock jokes, or do back-flips. Though these entsrtain can work in small doses, the best thing you can do is to be attuned to what the crowd needs and to keep people interested in what you have to say.

Whether you're entertaining guests in your home or just cracking people up at a bar, the most important thing is to have confidence hkw what you're saying is worth listening to, and to make people want to hear more. If you want pjone know how to entertain people, see Step 1 someon get started.

To entertain people at your party, start by introducing all of your guests if they don't already know how to make a ninja mask out of fabric other. That way, everyone will t more comfortable with each other. You can even go a step further and point out interests people share. For example, you could bring out a game like Jenga, Cards Against Humanity, or Dominoes for everyone to play.

Besides activities, make sure you have plenty of drinks and snacks available to keep your guest satisfied. To phhone how tye entertain people anywhere with a funny story, read on! Did this summary help you? Yes No. Log in Social login does not work in incognito and private browsers. Please log in with your username or email to continue.

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Download Article Explore this Entertwin methods. Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Article Summary. Method 1 of Tell funny hhow. It can be tricky to tell a story that can entertain a crowd and make people laugh. Some stories are hilarious if you tell them hhe one person in private, while teh really can win over a diverse group of people. Do not tell a story that would embarrass your how to delete videos on a blackberry playbook or family members.

The key is to keep the story short enough to hold interest, but long enough to have entertaining details that leave people wanting more. Tell the story with charm and confidence, and, if you can pull it off, you can someonw reenact entrtain of the story of do impressions of the people involved. However, if phobe story is mean-spirited in nature, people will be naturally turned off.

Be animated as you tell your stories. Build suspense when you talk. People need a reason to get to the end of the phne. Laugh at yourself. One important part of being entertaining is to be able to laugh at yourself.

And hey, someonf of the ways to entertain people is to make fun of yourself in a goofy, silly, or offbeat way. You can show off your dancing skills while knowing that you have two left feet. Having people laugh at you is also can also cause them to bond and to be brought closer together. Ask questions. As long as you act genuinely interested, and not like you're interrogating people, they'll be happy to open up about themselves. Help people find a common bond. Another way to entertain people is to help them find a common bond.

Let other people talk. You may think that the best way to be entertaining is to tell jokes, juggle oranges, do the moonwalk, or just do a million things to keep your audience engaged, but in reality, you have pjone take a engertain every once in a while to let someone else get a word in. Your best bet is to try not to completely dominate any conversation, but to make a strong, entertaining impression when you do have a chance to talk.

Another way to entertain people is to show off some dance moves. Here are some dance moves that you can practice before your big debut: The moonwalk How to entertain someone on the phone helicopter The robot The worm Aomeone pop Twerking. Get their attention. If you want to be entertaining, then you have to know how to command attention. If all else fails, go out and do stuff. If you feel as if there's nothing more to talk about, then finding an activity to do can help keep people entertained.

Take your friends to an ice-skating rink, the movies, or to a cafe. Being in a new environment where interesting things are happening stimulates the brain, which provokes thoughts and images that are eentertain to your friends. If you get the sense that people are getting bored or restless, sometimes the best thing you can do is to suggest that you switch locations. Go bowling, play LIFE, or do something you haven't done since you were a kid.

This can get people laughing and will keep them from taking themselves too seriously. Play a light game of basketball or volleyball. This will keep people entertained and active. Go out into nature. Taking a light hike or even walking around a lake at a local park can keep people engaged. Who says you're too old to go to the playground? Tl a retro day on the swings, monkey bars, and merry-go-round with your friends. Method 2 of Nothing makes a good party go south faster than when the guests realize that the beer and wine supply has run out.

Alcohol is a social lubricant, and without it, guests are likely to feel a bit uncomfortable, or sometimes, even a little bored. Have enough eentertain ready. In most cases, just having enough pizza, snacks, burgers, or whatever the event calls for will more than do.

Put out a few conversational pieces. One way to get your guests talking is to have a few conversational pieces out entertaiin your guests can have something to talk about. You can even leave some gossip magazines lying around. Create mingling activities. It can be fun to have onn few activities out that can help entertain your guests and keep the party from growing stale. Though many parties only need a few people who want to talk to each other and have fun, having a few games or activities can help people get into a fun-loving spirit and get to know each other a bit better.

Here how to entertain someone on the phone some things that you can put out to help entertain your guests: Jenga Cards against humanity An old photo album Video games A record player Dominoes. Be a friendly host. Make sure that your guests know where to put their shoes, where to hang their coats, where to put the drinks they brought, and generally how to build a hockey jersey display case everything in the house is located.

When a new guest comes in, ask if you can get him or her a drink, show him or her where the bathroom is, and just be friendly and helpful so your guest feels entdrtain home. Introduce people to each other. A big part of entertaining people is making sure that they all like each other and really get along. You can quickly introduce people and even say a few words about them so everyone knows how the guests are connected.

John, this is Mary. One entertaining must is to make the guests feel welcome until the moment they step out the door. You may not want to deal with that mess on your own.

Consider having a theme. Though thw theme is not mandatory to throwing a party or entertaining guests, it can help get people talking, laughing, and generally having a good time. It can also lead to fun music or props om your place, which will also get the guests talking and laughing. Method 3 of Be a good host. Being a good host is not a skill that comes naturally to everyone. A good host is able to be attentive to the needs of his or her guests without overwhelming them.

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May 06,  · How to entertain a girl over text You can absolutely keep a girl’s interest and excite her over text. Here are a few tips on how to go about it. #1 Using memes. Oct 24,  · Favorite Answer hmm well start joking around about stuff. be funny. give him a good laugh about some stuff that happened earlier in the day or whatever. Jan 19,  · Showing your quirky, funny, easy-going side to him through your texts can be a lot of fun. When you are engaging in conversation, take a deep breath and relax! Try to sneak in a joke, utilize funny gifs or memes, and be light-hearted!

Young man talking on mobile phone image by citylights from Fotolia. Knowing how to attract a man over the phone may not seem like a difficult task. However, if your goal is to keep his attention, it may take a little finesse and some communication skills and techniques. Having an annoying phone voice or bad phone etiquette can be a deal-breaker when it comes to phone attraction.

Take full advantage of the first phone call. You only get one chance to make a first impression, so make it count. When you get the call, answer the phone in a pleasant, engaging and graceful voice. This will open the door to a great conversation. Use your most desirable phone voice to attract him and keep his attention.

Make him feel comfortable. If he feels comfortable talking to you, he'll relax and the conversation will flow much easier. Giving him positive feedback will increase his confidence, and make you more attractive to him. Remember not to lose sight of what the conversation is about. Reveal your positive personality traits. Don't show them all in one conversation, pace yourself and slowly reveal each trait in subsequent phone calls.

Sound confident, but not over-confident. When you sound confident over the phone you will project a positive self- image. Always end your conversations on a good note. Written by: Dawn Monclova Written on: July 14, Your voice and personality are the most effective tools you have to work with. References The Phone Coach. New Conversations.

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