How to customize tennis racquet

how to customize tennis racquet

How To Customize a Tennis Racket

Once you plug in the "what I have" specs and the "what I want" specs, click customize my racquet and a diagram of weight placement options will pop up. If the specs you want aren't possible, the customization tool will let you know. How to Customize Your Own Tennis Racquet A Note on Lead & Tungsten Tape. Lead or the now more commonly used tungsten tape allows you to easily add small amounts Customize Your Racquet’s Weight. If you want to customize your racquet weight without changing the balance of .

People often say that they just want to know which parameters to change in order to achieve the desired effect. Well, here you go. Disclaimer: These are not hard scientific facts, but rather findings of an empirical skepticist. On this web page, you can see a lot of pictures and examples of calculations made in our Excel spreadsheet calculators.

You gennis get access to them by subscribing to Impacting Tennis tools here. You will receive a confirmation mail and after your subscription is revised, you will receive a file containing:. Email: miha. The essence of racket customization.

AIM is a hybrid of swingweight and twistweight, that also considers the area of the impact. Higher AIM means a higher racket ceiling given the same racket head speed. Higher AIM gives the player a better ability to dominate the contact with the ball on ground strokes, on the larger area of the string bed. Ckstomize AIM means eacquet racket is less manoeuvrable.

AIM is the best measure of racket stability during contact. For any serious player, the balance should be around or bellow even 34,3 cm csutomize above 31 cm. Generally, you can tennnis for the lack of weight with a more »head heavy« racket and vice versa. For a great two-handed backhand, you need a balance of 32,5 cm or more, but than the balance starts causing problems on the forehand side.

This is for a simple reason, that we hold the racket higher up the handle with both hands and thus shift the pivot point higher, lowering the effective racket balance and dynamic weight swingweight. Having a one-handed backhand makes it easier to optimize the hwo and balance for both wings because the pivot point is the same with both strokes.

Pro players with one-handed backhand and more »head light« rackets Federer, Wawrinka, Shapovalov can usually hit exceptional shots how to add fonts to final cut pro both sides.

And then there is someone like Grigor Dimitrov, who is the complete opposite of this theory. More »head light« rackets are better for the serve and just about any shot with cstomize hand. This is based on players strenght, stamina and what the joints can handle.

High twistweight is good for blocking and pushing the ball around. It requires hod more linear swing path and is more forgiving and less maneuvrable. Women on the tour usually have a more linear swing path and make the racket drop on the edge, and the racket continues in that position all the way to the contact. Low twistweight means more manoeuvrability, which means customixe can perfect your strokes, you can quickly adjust the racket face position, you can hit »whippier« shots and it rewards good technique, and clean ball striking.

Low twistweight means you can increase the swingweight yo still have a maneuvrable racket. Low twistweight is less forgiving and it requires more concentration, better footwork and in general more effort to play well with. In a perfect world a racket with a low twistweight and a higher swingweight has a higher ceiling, but again one should build the ceiling for his own abilities.

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The DIY Method - Racquet Terms to Know

Tennis Warehouse University The automated racquet customization tool is great for exploring possibilities. Once you plug in the "what I have" specs and the "what I want" specs, click customize my racquet and a diagram of weight placement options will pop up. If the specs you want aren't possible, the customization tool will let you know. Here’s a list on things you can to customize your tennis racquet: Change string tension. Today low string tensions are all the rage when it comes to polyester strings. Lower string tensions are better for your arm and gives you more power. Oct 26,  · Hey, everyone, just wanted to show you a little bit how I customize my frames. So starting off, I just got to the Wilson Blade 98 Countervail 16?19’s, I got these from Tennis Warehouse when they were on clearance and these are the frames I play with, but I got these matched, so I made sure I got three of them that have pretty close to the exact same swing weight, same flex, so the.

These days, the vast majority of professional players on tour play with customized racquets. You can easily customize any of the top tennis racquets with a few simple tools like lead tape and cotton balls. Keep reading to find out what modifications you can make on your racquet and how you can make these changes at home.

Here are a few affordable racquet options for you to check out. Join the Community Sign up and improve your game alongside our community of tennis players. As we already touched on, customized tennis racquets allow you to tweak the specs of the racquet to optimize your play on the court. Some frequent changes players make include:. Once they find the specs that work for them, players will match or adjust all of their racquets to the same weight and balance.

As your level of play improves, a variance of a few grams might be the difference between making and missing a shot during a big match. To this end, the vast majority of professional players customize their racquets to ensure the highest level of consistency.

Some players, such as Federer, pay tens of thousands of dollars a year to have their racquets strung and customized by the same person. The second reason you might want to customize your racquet is to let more of your personality shine through.

Some tennis clubs have relatively strict dress codes, such as requiring that everyone on their courts wear white. Changing the appearance of your racquet gives you some room for personal expression without violating the rules. The most common changes that players make are to the weight, balance, and swingweight of their racquets. As we already mentioned, even racquets of the same model can have slight variations in their weight.

If you want to match the weight of all your racquets, the easiest way is by adding weight to your lightest racquet to match your heaviest. However, a heavier racquet also means that you may get fatigued faster and your racquet will be harder to maneuver.

Generally, heavier racquets are better suited to experienced players who have the strength and technique to use them. When you adjust the weight of your racquet, you need to do so strategically to avoid unintentionally changing the balance of the racquet. Any changes to the balance you make should be deliberate. Check out our guide on racquet weight and balance if you want to learn more about how these two specs change impact performance. The balance point is the center of mass for your racquet.

Many players prefer keeping the balance point closer to the handle to make the racquet head-light and more maneuverable. Racquets with their balance point higher on the head of the racquet are generally lighter overall. If you make changes to the overall weight of your racquet, you need to apply it evenly across the racquet unless you want to shift the center of mass. Essentially, the extra weight helps keep your racquet from twisting once you make contact with the ball.

Swingweight is the inertia that the racquet generates as you swing it. However, the trade-off is you sacrifice maneuverability. You can manipulate swingweight by changing the balance point and overall weight of the racquet.

If you add lead tape under your grip, it does the opposite. If you want to customize your racquet without changing the way the racquet plays, you can give your tennis racquet a custom paint job or change the grip. Some racquet brands like Wilson and Head allow you to choose custom colors when you order a new racquet. While not our recommended approach for customizing the aesthetics of your racquet, you can also spray paint them. Another part of your racquet you can easily customize is your grip.

You can use a custom replacement grip to change the overall balance of your racquet more on this later , or you can change the color.

There are many companies out there that will customize your racquet for you. You can use a postal scale or some food scales to achieve this level of accuracy. Lead or the now more commonly used tungsten tape allows you to easily add small amounts of weight to your racquet to change the balance. These days, tungsten tape is one of the most common tools players use to change the specs on their racquets. Alternatively, you can add lead tape to the bottom of the frame near the throat. Most racquets have a removable butt cap on the end.

You can add tungsten putty to the cotton before resealing the cap. Not all racquets will allow you to access the inside of the handle via the butt cap. These handy sleeves are available in full size or half size and will add weight to the handle while allowing you to maintain your preferred grip size. Since leather is heavier, this can add some additional weight. Of course, the exact amount depending on the type of leather. These days, tennis brands are starting to offer more options for custom tennis racquets.

The two brands that offer the most customization directly from their websites are Wilson and Head. If you order a Head custom racquet from their website, you can change everything from the racquet length, weight, balance, frame color, and grip shape. Their online shop essentially gives you the ability to design a racquet from scratch as the pros do. If you want a custom Babolat or Yonex racquet, you can buy them from a third-party seller who can change the balance and weight for you.

Many local shops will be able to help guide you or make changes to your racquet for you. Top online retailers offer racquet pairing serves to find you two tennis racquets of the same model that are as close to a perfect match as possible. Both services are reasonably priced and worth considering if you demand a certain level of consistency in your tennis racquets.

They can work with any model and make virtually any customization to meet your needs. No matter who you are, you can likely appreciate the benefits of a custom tennis racquet. When you personalize your racquet to match your skill level and style, you allow yourself to maximize your potential.

And besides, it can be a fun process tinkering with your racquet. Both Wilson and Head offer a custom racquet shop on their websites that allow you to changes to your racquet before you even buy it. If you want to make further changes to your racquet, you can experiment with changing the weight, balance, or swingweight by adding lead tape to different parts of your racquet. Your email address will not be published. Leave a Reply Want to join the discussion? Feel free to contribute!

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