How to compute gas consumption per kilometer

how to compute gas consumption per kilometer

Fuel Consumption Calculator

Fuel / gas efficiency can mean the output one gets for a unit amount of gas input such as " miles per gallon " or " liters per kilometers " for an car / SUV (sometimes called fuel economy). Car / SUV fuel efficiency can be calculated in either l/ km or MPG (Litres per km). This Online Gas Consumption / Efficiency Calculator calculates l/ km. Apr 18,  · You now have the total distance traveled from point A to point B, and the amount of fuel used during the trip. It’s time to do the math. For our trip, here’s the computation: 40 km / L = km/L. Now that you have your car’s fuel consumption on your daily route, you can go ahead and budget your money for fuel. Easy peasy, lemon Jacob Oliva.

After all, we spend our hard-earned cash in fuel prices that go up sporadically. Most modern cars are equipped with electronic fuel economy meter, usually embedded in the instrument clusters. You only need two things to compute for the fuel consumption: the distance from point A to point B kmand the amount of gasoline used L.

We strongly recommend to measure the consumption of your daily route, just like what this author did. Here, learn the steps on how to calculate your actual fuel consumption without using your fuel economy meter.

This way, you will have a starting point to your fuel economy testing. This is to lessen discrepancies in measurement. Just let the terminal stop itself when it thinks that the tank is full. Once done filling up your vehicle with fuel, you can go ahead and reset the trip meter. Any modern car has this in its instrument cluster, and you can usually do it by hold-pressing a button or switch.

Set fixed point A and point B. He did steps 1 and 2 here, while the rest were done at Caltex Balagtas in Bulacan point B — the gas station nearest his house. Upon reaching point B, take note of the number your trip meter reads back to you. This is the total distance you traveled from what is ketamine and what does it do A to point B. For this author, he traveled a total how to operate blackberry without trackball Fill your fuel tank again after taking note of the distance.

Again, tell the attendant to not manually fill the tank. Take note of the number shown at the fuel terminal. You now have the total distance traveled from point A to point B, and the amount of fuel used during the trip.

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Station Wagon. Step 1: Fill the tank. Step 2: Reset the trip meter. The trip meter will measure the distance that you traveled during the trip. Step 3: Drive from point A to point B. Step 4: Take note of the distance you traveled.

Step 5: Fill your tank again and take note of the amount of fuel. Step 6: Do the math. Latest Features. Family cars in the Philippines with the biggest trunks Nov 14,

Estimate fuel consumption in liter per km - consumption chart and calculator

Fuel consumption = Fuel used / Distance travelled. The result depends on the metrics used as input: miles per gallon if the input was in miles and gallons, and km per liter if the input was in kilometers and liters. Additionally, the fuel consumption calculator will output the fuel cost per mile or fuel cost per km, depending on the metric units selected, as well as miles per $ / km per $. These are very useful when . Nov 29,  · Manual Computation. Fill your tank to the top. Zero the trip counter. When you next fill up, note the kilometers driven. Fill the tank again and note the number of litres put in. Divide the number of kilometers driven by the amount of fuel added in litres (kilometers per liter). fuel consumption (liters) fuel consumption - liter/ km table; The chart below indicates distance traveled (km), fuel consumption (litre) and litre per km: Download and print Fuel Consumption liters/ km Chart. Fuel Consumption - mpg ; Fuel Consumption Chart. Use the chart below to estimate fuel efficiency. The example values are for. distance km; fuel volume 20 liter - which indicates a .

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