How to complain about broadband speed

how to complain about broadband speed

Internet and broadband terms and speeds explained

Try a free test for an indication of both your download speed (the rate at which you get data from the web) and upload speed (the rate at which you can send data to the web). Use a couple from the list below to get a range of results, and perform the tests at different times to get an idea of how speeds fluctuate: Broadband Genie. Sync speed (Only applicate to Fibre broadband) This is the speed of your broadband between the cabinet and the router in your home. Sync speed can be affected by the distance from your house to the cabinet, the internal wiring of your house and if the router it connected to an telephone extension cable.

These are often necessary for the site to function properly and required to achieve the purposes illustrated in our cookie policywhere you can manage your consent options. By clicking "OK", closing this banner, clicking a link or continuing to browse otherwise, you agree to the use of cookies. Sometimes the broadnand way to get a feel for how to complain about broadband speed broadband provider is to read what those who are already customers think of the service they're receiving.

Below are all the reviews we've received for TalkTalk. Based on customer ratings since Show all time ratings. Ratings league tables See which providers rate better than TalkTalk. Compare broadband deals from TalkTalk. Ratings are left by users of our speed test as well as by reviewers. Recent star ratings summarise the last 12 months of ratings or the last ratings placed, whichever is largest. The reviews published on this page are those of the individual authors who have warrantied that they abide by our review guidelines.

Reviews are not the opinion of Broadband. Read our privacy policy OK. TalkTalk Broadband Reviews Sometimes the best way to get a feel for a broadband provider is to read what those who are already customers think of the service they're receiving. Add your own review of TalkTalk.

Reviewer Eamonn Munnelly. Reviewing TalkTalk. Date Ratings Satisfaction 1 star. Comments Rainfall are getting to he blame here but they are definitely hindered by Openreach, who seem to have a fibre supply to every green telephone box in the area except ours! Reviewer Paul Mallon. Location Northern Ireland. Comments The broadband router died 3 days after installation and we were left with no internet for home school and home working during lockdown.

They then insisted on making us return the faulty equipment, when of course it should be their responsibility to collect it rather than ours to package it up and return it. However I did so exactly as they requested. But 2 and a half months later I get a letter requesting proof of postage. I guess that a lot of people would not have kept the postage receipt for this length of time and would have received a bill for lost equipment. Luckily, I did still have mine. To add further annoyance, the letter contains no email address to send the proof of postage to, which is obviously the most convenient method.

It also contains no phone number via which an email address could be requested. To date the situation has still not been resolved. So far I have endured months of inconvenience and expense arising from their faulty equipment and what does casualty of love mean customer service.

It really seems like any little thing they how to complain about broadband speed make life more difficult for the customer, they will do it. I would urge anyone to avoid TalkTalk at all costs. Reviewer KL. Ratings Satisfaction 4 stars. Comments I have been a Talk Talk customer for over 10 years,dating back to what are easy ways to make money fast Pipex years in fact.

Judging by lots of other poor reviews of Talk Talk, you may wonder why I have been such a loyal customer and haven't yet switched to another provider. Well my own general experience with Talk Talk has been pretty good. I have twice before attempted to switch to another provider like Plusnet because of a cost package being offered by Plusnet, however both times I was retained by Talk Talk because they offered me what is a good distortion pedal deal which actually bettered the Plusnet deal being offered, obviously you need to contact Talk Talk get the better deal.

Talk Talk freephone customer service is one of the fastest response to a real person that I have experience with any company boradband just broad band. I've phoned up about 3 separate times this week to check some details of my new package, each time my call got answered by a human almost immediately after the short automated menu system.

Each time my call has been dealt with politely and effectively. So as far as customer service over nroadband phone goes, it's pretty good right now, and certainly better than 2 recent experiences that friends and family have relayed to me about Virgin Media, they both said they had to wait almost half an hour to get to speak to someone on their customer service line! As far as speed broadband goes, it seems my ADSL speed is hampered by my BT exchange, so can't get the best speeds regardless of what Talk Talk could provide, so for now I can not rate Talk Talk with browdband great authority, but for my current needs it's okay.

Over the long time I have been with Talk Talk I can only recall about 3 times that I have reported a fault with the line, and on each occasion Talk Talk sent me a text to say that an engineer was dealing with the fault at the local exchange and would inform me when the engineer had fixed the fault. On each of the these occasions the fault was fixed usually within 24 hours broadbznd reporting the fault to Talk Talk, so again it was pretty good service.

Talk Talk also have a community forum where you speev discuss broadband issues or router problems etc, On this forum you can report an issue with your router, I did this recently In March and within 2 days of posting my router issue I was sent a brand new router abot free. So overall I'm quite impressed with Talk Talk, given the fact that pretty much all the big rivals BT, Plusnet Virgin etc all have some issue of one kind or another To sum up, If you are looking for good prices, pretty good customer service in my experience anyway!

Surely I can't be the only one that has had good experiences with Talk Talk? Reviewer Timothy Goswell. Location Halifax. Comments please read this trustpilot review before joining TalkTalk. TalkTalk are by far the worst company I have had to deal with. There help desk in South Africa is useless - it took one of them 10 minutes to take down my postal code. I have absolutely nothing against South Africans but they cannot understand my Yorkshire accent and trying to deal with them is a pain.

After dealing with this company I have to say that they have no care at all they do how to cut aluminum soffit want to help.

When you sign up you get an English person talking to you in English and they're very helpful and all friendly and cheery. Until something goes wrong then there's disaster because none of them are interested in the slightest. I have spent 7 days speev to get through to these people and no one wants to listen they are absolutely hopeless. I have left 36 messages on broadbznd CEOs phone which always goes to answerphone, no one answers.

No one listens to the messages or contacts you about your concerns. They even got my address wrong spesd seem to think that I live at house number 0 on my street.

This is an impossibility as house numbers in the UK start at number 1 and go up from that. I suppose they are to be congratulated in that they actually got the correct street name. Do yourself a favour don't join talk talk you will regret it if you how to drop clothes off at dry cleaners. All will be good when you join broadbanc the moment you have problems they just don't want to know.

Please read what I have said above and go to another provider not TalkTalk - this is a totally independent review I have no affiliation with TalkTalk whatsoever. Reviewer Chris. Comments Didn't turn up to two separate installation visits, less than no help from either the management or customer what can i do to make myself taller teams.

Broadbad at all costs. Reviewer Leo. Comments No internet at home for a full day, support barely speaking English and working from home you can ear the background noise just reading script and not asking relevant questions make you loose even more time and leave you broadbabd a non solved problem.

This company needs to be shut down. Reviewer John McCormick. Location Newcastle upon Tyne. Apparently they can complaim this if they give you 1 months notice by email, I did not receive an email from them. The service is rubbish, if I leave the room where my router is situated my signal drops to one bar so its useless around the house.

I have regular disruptions to the service and my tv is buffering regularly. To slap me with an unannounced price hike which they guaranteed would not happen for such a poor service is disgraceful. I will strongly recommend to anyone that they stay clear of this lot and I myself will be pleased when my contract is up.

Reviewer How to complain about broadband speed. Unbeknown to me, I had two talk talk accounts but was only using one phone and broad band line. They were also charging me for media which I was not bfoadband of. They clear take advantage of vulnerable elderly people which is criminal. Also their customer service is appalling. On one occasion I spent 3 hours calling them back. Use another more reputable telecommunications and broad band provder.

Reviewer Joan. Ratings Satisfaction 2 stars. A month, l l want them to put the money they were not entitled to back into my account, l have been on the phone to them and can't get anywherethey are thieves. Reviewer Greg. Years of business and domestic custom, always some explanation of why broadbanf connection is unstable and low bpm.

Unannounced additional charges. They do not provide what is in their contract but still charge you the money, rip you off and lie to you that everything is looking good from their end. Reviewer Grahame W. Comments Unfortunately I have just renewed my contract with TalkTalk. Compain actual broadband speed is appalling. So called I them engineer came to check it out.

How to test

The broadband speed and reliability is excellent. But, and it is a big but, their customer service is awful. I have a 18 month fixed price contract, but talktalk have increased the monthly charge. Broadband Speed Test. Our guides can explain how broadband works, help you switch to a new supplier, speed up your existing broadband connection, or complain to your provider if you're still having problems. You can even email or call us for advice. Explore Broadband Guides. Speed and cabling, in a nutshell. Fibre is a type of broadband which uses newer technology to connect your home to the internet which means it is able to offer faster speeds while standard ADSL connections are still made entirely through copper wires which were not designed for speed. Fibre broadband download speeds.

With the fight over Net Neutrality still burning in the U. Upload and download speeds? The word soup seems to increase every day, and even in context the topics can still be confusing. For someone shopping around for internet plans from different providers, it can be hard to understand why any of that matters.

And given a lot of information typically comes directly from ISPs trying to sell you internet plans, it can be hard to know who to even trust. Contents [ hide ]. However, many ISPs are now offering superfast gigabit internet speeds, which are able to download HD movies in seconds. For the purposes of our guide, however, the focus on broadband is the most important, as the high-speed, always-on internet connection is the type of internet most consumers are now using.

From a simple perspective, internet speed is just a measurement of how fast you can download or upload information over the web. For example, your biggest concern may be whether you can stream a video from Netflix in HD without buffering.

For that, you would need a certain amount of speed something we talk about later in this article. For fun, we recommend measuring your internet speed as a starting point for understanding internet speeds and broadband terms. Performing a few speed tests will give you a good idea of what internet speed looks like.

You may even want to do a few test downloads of safe programs to see how long it takes for you to download a file in general. Nevertheless, having a good idea of what your internet speed looks like right now will give you a good baseline for the discussions that occur below.

The term broadband gets thrown around quite often these days without much attention to detail. Even still, the internet speeds that fit the term broadband can and do change, as its definition is often set by regulating authorities such as the FCC. All broadband internet access is delivered by what is known as an internet service providers, or ISP. These companies provide internet access to consumers, businesses, and governments using a large variety of different technologies.

However, mobile phone companies can now be considered ISPs as well. For the most part, if you want internet access, you will need to purchase it from an internet service provider. There are some limited exceptions, but these are particularly uncommon. While broadband speeds and minimum requirements can vary from country to country, the same technologies often exist everywhere. There is no one way to provide broadband internet access, with researchers and engineers regularly developing new technologies to provide faster speeds.

For many consumers old enough to have used dial-up internet with a voiceband modem the one with the screeching sounds as the connection is made , DSL was the next step beyond dial-up. DSL is a generic term for high-speed internet access over traditional copper telephone lines.

There are various technologies within the DSL family that can provide speeds of up to Mbps. ADSL is a copper wire broadband method in which the download and upload speeds are asymmetrically delivered, with download speeds preferred. As a result, residential users with an ADSL line gain faster download speeds, but minimal upload speeds, making it a less preferable option for those that want to do a lot of uploading.

This version of DSL was first introduced in with 8 Mbps download speeds. It is desirable as it can be used to carry both internet connections and voice on the same line, making a second telephone line unnecessary. SDSL is also relatively short ranged, requiring a proximity of around 10, feet from the service provider. Between the U.

In many other countries, DSL has given way to either cable, fiber optic, or satellite. Cable is currently the most-used method for broadband access in a large number of countries where broadband is available. In countries like the U. This type of internet utilizes a modem with an attached coaxial cable. The coaxial cable inserted into the modem is the same one that you would find attached to your cable TV box. Much like telephone wires, coaxial cable wires are copper-based, but due to their design, are able to deliver significantly more data across the line.

Cable internet can deliver speeds of up to 10 Gigabits per second or more with some additional technology applied such as combining coaxial and fiber technologies.

Primarily offered to those in more rural locations, satellite internet utilizes geostationary satellites to deliver high-speed internet access. This means the satellites are in a fixed location in space, and not orbiting the planet.

Satellite broadband works the same way as satellite TV. However, some factors can influence the strength of the connection, such as line-of-sight, weather, and other obstacles. Source: HughesNet. Available speeds for satellite internet are limited only by how technology in the satellite an ISP is using at the time. Average downlink rates are 1 Mbps, while some of the newest ISP satellites can offer up Gigabit internet speeds at a very high cost.

For those living in rural communities, however, satellite internet may be the only option due to traditional ISPs refusing to build out costly infrastructure for a small number of customers and little return on investment. Fiber optic cables carry information using light signals, and as such, transfer data at the speed of light.

This method allows for faster and more expansive data connections. The glass fibers are extremely small about the width of a human hair , and one fiber can carry a signficant amount of data at high speed using various multiplexing techniques. There are few limits on how fast a fiber connection can be. However, some researchers have proven that fiber could offer terabit data speeds, with one group achieving Tbps with a single fiber.

For perspective, even 1 Tbps would be enough to download around HD movies in one second. As fiber optic options are still comparatively new, they are typically only available in areas with a dense population. Rural access to fiber will likely be a long time coming, if at all. As with cable internet, the cost to run lines to rural areas in many cases does not result in the short or medium-term profit ISPs are looking for to make the project valuable.

Mobile broadband utilizes mobile cell phone towers to deliver data to your phone and other devices. Any internet connected device can conceivably receive mobile broadband, so long as it includes the proper hardware. These devices simply connect to a 3G or 4G and operate like a router, bouncing the signal to other devices in your area. However, it is possible for 3G connections to achieve around around 50 Mbps with newer standards. Some 4G technologies currently unavailable to consumers can hit 1 Gigabit.

LTE is actually more a marketing term than a separate 4G technology. The real excitement in mobile broadband now, however, is in 5G. The next iteration of mobile broadband will use decommissioned over-the-air TV signals to carry data. These signals can carry far more data at a faster rate than 3G or 4G but have a much shorter range. Additionally, as signals can be carried and transmitted over existing cell phone towers, some roll-outs for 5G will take less time.

However, as 5G signals will have a shorter distance, more cell towers will be required for better coverage meaning yes, rural communities may again be left in the lurch. WISPs can include larger scale wifi mesh networks or towers that use dishes to send data over open ultra high-frequency bands similar to over-the-air TV.

As with satellite, WISPs often have line-of-sight issues given they often use mid-range dishes to send out data terrestrially.

When it comes to discussing the internet and especially broadband internet, the most common and most commonly misunderstood term is speed.

What is internet and broadband speed, anyway? Speed , as it relates to your internet connection, is about how quickly you can either download or upload information. Those two aspects of internet speed are usually displayed separately, but they are still important, although download speed is the more important of the two for most people.

Your internet speed is measured in how many bits of data are transferred each second. Each bit of data is the fundamental building block of computer information. A bit , which is short for binary digit , is either a 0 or 1. This is where things might get familiar. Think of a bit like you might think of human DNA.

You need a lot of it to create something. When you upscale those bits of data and organize them in certain ways , you start getting useful information. The more bits you have, the more information you have. As your file size gets larger, it often stops getting calculated in bits and starts getting measured in groups of 8, known as a byte. Internet service providers like Comcast, Verizon, Sky, Spectrum, and others will use the more commonly accepted Megabits per second Mbps to calculate internet speeds.

If you want to convert your internet speed into Megabytes, you can divide your speed notated in Mbps by 8. For example, 25 Mbps divided by 8 would equal 3.

As most computers these days have copious amounts of space, websites rarely bother disclosing file sizes anymore. Additionally, as internet speeds get much higher, it becomes less important to provide file size information or download times. Logging onto the website of any ISP and checking out the service packages will easily reveal how they measure the speeds using Megabits:.

Although we focused on Megabits for internet speed, in some locations internet speeds can get up to or exceed 1, Mbps. However, if you do want to know more about Gigabit internet options, click here for a map of U. So what is a good internet speed? For its part, Netflix recommends the following internet speeds:. While more is certainly better, there is such a thing as purchasing more internet speed than you actually need.

Ping and latency are among the two hardest broadband concepts to understand. And they could be the direct result of your buffering issues as well.

Although these two concepts are separate, they work together. Latency is the word we use to describe how much time it takes for other end of the line to return a successful response.

Another way of thinking about latency is as a measure of the time delay that exists between you pinging a server and getting a response.

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