How to clear absconding case in uae

how to clear absconding case in uae

Get Immediate Assistance to Remove Absconding Case Dubai

Mar 04,  · Simply, get in touch with a law agency to acknowledge the possible instances on how you can remove absconding case Dubai, without any hurdle. Based on the rules and regulations of the UAE Law, you can also opt for making an escape report. Aug 29,  · The absconding report will not be cancelled if it is proved that the organization from which the employee was reported absconding is non existent, In this case the employer will be fined 10, AED and all his firms will be blocked.

Skip to content How to remove absconding. Absconding Report. Ministerial resolution no. Article 1. Absconding Report cannot be made in the following circumstances:. However if such workers staying on visa for at least 3 or more months of a company they are not working with will be given a 1 year BAN.

The Bank Guarantee will not be refunded till the exit documents from immigration are produced. In case the absconding report is cancelled the BG will not be refunded.

Cancellation of Absconding Report :. This is a service provided to the employer how to cook cheung fun he wishes to withdraw the absconding report lodged against the employee.

Cases wherein the absconding report can cleae cancelled:. If all the conditions and reasons for filling an absconding report are not met, the. If the employer has filled a fake report, while the employee is still engaged in the discharge. If the employer had given permission to the employee to work for another dase or. Conditions for cancellation of Absconding Report:.

The employer can cancel the absconding report if the employer gives an approval that there. Name included absfonding wrong or incase zbsconding employee. The employee can cancel the absconding report if he can prove his presence at work while he.

Type the application for cancellation of absconding report. It should bear the signature. Submit the application in Labour Relation for an appointment date with the legal.

Based on the discussion the legal advisor makes a report and decides to either. Absconidng the application is verified by the LR management, it will be stamped as approved. The final copy will be signed by the LR Manager and returned to the applicant.

The application can be submitted at the LR department at the ministry Headquarter in Abu Dhabi or Dubai or concerned labour offices. If the employer submits the report, he has to give the authorized qbsconding. The bank guarantee amount will not be refunded by MOL. Clearr category of the company will be changed to C.

In case of a fake report or if there is a proof that the employee had not been working in the. The absconding report will not be cancelled if it is proved that the organization from which the employee was reported absconding is non existent.

In this case the employer will ln fined 10, AED and all his firms will be blocked. The employee will be banned from working in the country if after the expiry of the contract he had overstayed and he was then reported absconding.

How To Drop An Absconding Case

If you, an employee, is caught working for a new employer and your previous employer did not report your absconding for more than 3 months, you will bear the following punishments: canceled sponsorship, labour ban in the UAE for a year, your employer will pay AED 10, as a penalty and additional sponsorship cancellation fees, and travel expenses for you, and your employer will . If your employee has not reported to work for continuous 7 days and if you believe that your employee is inside UAE, you can file Absconding report with Ministry of Labour. This is mentioned in the Ministerial Resolution No. () for of Federal Law No. 8 of on Escape Report Procedures. Documents required to file Absconding Report. Due to amnesty which started from August , a person (or his representative in the U.A.E.) can request the immigration dept. of the respective Emirate to cancel the absconding case. As soon as the authorities cancel absconding case and update it in their system, the person can apply for any visa which he wants to apply to enter UAE. K views.

Mohamed Bakheet. Ibrahim Al Banna. Abdul Wahied Mohammad Sharief. Dr Amira Al Bastaki. An absconding case is for those employees who do not inform their employer when they leave or who did not return back to work. But my case was different, I informed my employer regarding the accident which happened to me here in my country Philippines.

I submitted all legal medical documents to support my extension of vacation leave. I was shocked when the office replied I'm no longer have a chance to go back to the UAE cause they have already filed an absconding case against me. Your Employer cannot file the absconding case and cancel your visa before the lapse of 6 months from the date you exit the UAE. I was on vacation leave for three 3 months legally approved by the g4's office. During that period, three days after my arrival here in my country Philippines I was accidentally hit by a ten-wheeler truck that caused me severe injury.

During my three months period, I informed the office regarding the accident which happened and after that, they advised me to send legal authentic documents medical documents to my employer to support my extension of vacation leave and they approved it. I don't have any idea how many months they allow to extend my leave. After 7 months of my stay here in the Philippines including 6 months legal vacation, I called the office to inform them that I'm ready to go back to the UAE for a work but unexpectedly they replied me that I no longer have a chance to go back to the UAE cause they have filed already absconding case.

A minute phone call with a lawyer to get advice about your UAE employment issue. The attorney you hire will answer your questions and give you advice on topics like hiring and firing, employment offers and labour contracts, salaries and benefits. Q: Hi, I went to vacation, I am not going to come back due to personal reasons.

Is it possible to put immigration ban, even if I am out of the country? Q: I worked in UAE for 2 years and 3 months, I've already taken my free vacation after my 2 yrs contract and I returned to work, but suddenly, some emergency happened at home, so I need to take emergency leave and go back home. But the problem is, after my emergency leave, I was unable to return to work. I want to know if I have been blacklisted because of that? Consequences of leaving the UAE without proper cancellation of employment visa.

Q: I was with a company in Dubai for 22 days, due to a family emergency I left home and paid compensation as in the work contract 45 days salary was the compensation. After 6 months of exit, I started requesting the company to cancel my visa and Emirates ID, but they are ignoring it. They want me not to come to the UAE again. Can you guide me on this? Q: A person e-mails his resignation and leaves for his country from Dubai a year before his 2-year contract ends, without paying the penalty and visa charges as written in the contract.

Would he be considered an absconder? Would he have to face a lifetime ban? Q: I have completed 11 months as a general accountant in Dubai. During the last month of my first year, I had to leave for family matters. My boss shouted and informed me that he will ban my visa permanently. Is this possible? There are special labour related regulations applicable in some of the free zones in the UAE.

Ministerial Decree No. This Decree sets the rules and conditions for the termination of fixed-term limited or unlimited not term-bound employment contract between employer and worker in the United Arab Emirates.

Dear Mr Elnaggar, I would really appreciate your help. What are the consequences of having a Whatsapp relationship with a married woman with kids? Only over Whatsapp, nothing physical. Her husband found out by reading her Whatsapp messages. If he decides to take it to the courts in Dubai, what are we looking at here? My father died in a heart attack in Abu Dhabi. I received his death certificate. My mother is living with me.

He has protection plus plan in a private bank. How can we claim to get the money? Can I open a branch of an offshore company in Dubai without a local sponsor?

I have separated from my husband for almost 12 months. Our daughter lives with me. He sees her a few hours a week when he wants. He is her sponsor, I am on a work visa. He is holding her passport. I am concerned that he may take her and leave the country without my permission.

A commission agreement between broker and seller was drafted and signed by the two parties in Dubai. The agreement states that the seller shall pay the broker a certain amount of commission after the sale transaction is done.

Shall the broker register the agreement with the notary public or the Ministry of Economy? Please take note that the location is Dubai. This publication is for general information purposes only. It does not purport to provide comprehensive full legal or other advice. Legal Advice Middle East and the contributors accept no responsibility for losses that may arise from reliance upon information contained in this publication. This publication is intended to give an indication of legal issues upon which you may need advice.

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Get quotes from lawyers. Find the right lawyer for your legal needs. Submit your request and get multiple competitive offers from qualified lawyers. Request quotes. Absconding case An absconding case is for those employees who do not inform their employer when they leave or who did not return back to work. Please, sir, help me for this.

It's not fair to me. Thank you very much for your kindness. Answers 1. Ahmed Elnaggar Post a question Chat online.

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