How to build toa kylord

how to build toa kylord

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Dec 13,  · A how-to that several of you requested for me to do on: Toa Kylord, my Anyone may use Kylord and/or his design, as long as you give me credit. Jan 28,  · My How-To on Toa Kylord Anyone may build or use Kylord, but please give me credit if you There are some mistakes in this video. Simp.

If you find yourself sending email messages to the same group of people over and over — perhaps your boss and a handful of co-workers — you don't need to keep adding them to the To: line by hand every single time.

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You can also manually enter names to the Contact Group that aren't already in your Outlook contacts by clicking "Add Members" and choosing New E-mail Contact from the drop-down menu. You can repeat those steps to create as many Contact Groups as you want. Just be sure to give them names you'll be able to easily recall so you can add them to email messages. To do that, just type the group's name in to To:, CC:, or BCC: line what are the tests for cancer an email message, in the same way as you would enter any name from your Outlook contacts.

You might notice that a Contact Group has a small plus sign to its left. If you click the plus sign, you can "expand" the list to show you the names of all the people in the group.

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Kylord is a mysteriously brave and honorable Toa. Kylord takes grave risks when anyone, including his many allies & civillians, are in danger. He has many powerful allies, such as Cyrax, Drogu, and Airko, but also monstrous enemies, such as the dreaded Makuta Tazzuk and his own brother Kyzoron. 1 Biography Matoran Toa 2 Bionicle Tales 3 Abilitles and Traits Mask and Tool 4 Trivia 5. Dec 16,  · belongs to KylerNuva This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art.

This article was written by KylerNuva. Please do not add to it without the writer's permission. Cyanide is a warrior who serves the Order of Mata Nui, and always enjoys a good fight when encountering the likes of the Brotherhood and other nemesis's to the Order. Not much is known of Cyanide's origin before joining the Order of Mata Nui, but what ended up leading to him joining the Order was when he came across an island fortress, who's commander was none other than Makuta Intor, meaning it was a Brotherhood outpost.

Cyanide confronted Intor and a couple of his Rahkshi and defeated them and held off Intor long enough to rescue a captured Toa named Kylord. Unknowingly, two Order members named Axonn and Dortan witness his bold and daring deed, and saw him useful to join the Order.

Cyanide would optimistically agree, and would end up enjoying his assignments in the Order: as he'd be recruited as a Commando and would hunt down certain Brotherhood relative targets. During one mission, he alongside with a recently recruited member named Vecca would go onto a mission and sabotage a Brotherhood Outpost, being run by Makuta Wrekan.

On another mission, he was along side with Warsoa and Deccon, dealing with a small group of Rahkshi lead by a Makuta Sulvo, in which Warsoa would terminate him personally. After a report from Deccon that "Brutal" and his group head down to Karda Nui to assassinate Makuta Tazzuk, both Warsoa and Cyanide would go there as well to assist them in their mission.

When they arrived and spotted the Toa, they were being assaulted by Tazzuk and his Berserk Beast, in which Cyanide would defeat them easily after blasting them with his Midak Missile Launcher. After regrouping with "Brutal's" team, they then went to a small Av-Matoran stalactite and reheal a wounded Toa Kylord.

After a brief ambush from Makuta Fearack, it was actually a distracting for Makuta Intor to capture two of their elite Toa. They then went on a rescue mission. Cyanide, along with "Brutal" and Kylord would deal with Insorz, Grekk and others for a while.

When Makuta Intor arrived into the battle, he single-handley knocked out all of his opponents, and would escape along with his fellow brothers and sister. Cyanide is currently with the others, preparing for their ultimate battle against Makuta Tazzuk and his allies. Not much is known about Cyanide's species, but what is known is that he has poison-relative powers, and is also immune to poison-like substance.

While Cyanide is consider to be bold and daring, he can sometimes be wreckless and clueless, which tends to sometimes get himself off-guard when in combat. He simply tries to accomplish his mission and defeat his foes in whatever way is beneficial for him to complete the task at hands.

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