How to build a fiberglass dash

how to build a fiberglass dash

How to Make a Fiberglass Hardtop

Apr 11, David Guyton shows you how to make a custom fiberglass dash (or any other interior parts) for your hot rod or custom car or truck project Newest [ April 21, ] Ford F / Lincoln Towncar Chassis Swap for Under $1, Builds and Examples. How to Make a Fiberglass Dash Step 1. Measure the interior of your car from side to side and then make measurements of the depth and height of the Step 2. Cut Styrofoam to the length and width of the dash for the top. Then cut another sheet for the face. You can cut Step 3. Shape your.

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You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Custom fiberglass dash build Thread starter Blitzeclips Start date Aug 2, Blitzeclips Proven Member.

Hey everyone I've been working on this for months now and am about ready for the final steps. What are tricky words in phonics are just some build pics. I am eventually going to do a write up but I don't have time for it right now.

Remember, this dash is not finished it's a work in progress. But you can see the general shape and buiod of it. I tried to keep it clean and smooth Will be updating progress. I am nowhere near finsihed.

Trust me, it will look much better. The gauge pod BTW is at the very top of that center piece. I need to cut the fabric buold for you to see the pods. Well its the 6th and I see no updates! I love this type of stuff.

I used to be into this when I owned my Fiero I did a custom Grand Am Dash in a fiero with tons of fiberglass work. I love this tho Splitpi Proven Member. Its been nearly z month Splitpi said:. Click to expand You better! I wish I lived near you, I would be willing to lend a fiberglass-newb hand. Looks good. Have you thought about making a viberglass that stucks up above the center column and extending the main gauge cluster over to blend into the pod and put the 3 extra gauges there?

I gentex fire alarm how to turn off allow you to glance at the gauges and still maintaine your eyes ont eh road. I like the setup. My only comment is that the cloth choice may cause you problems when you goto apply your resin. If thats just cotton is will start to sag, collapse under the weight of the resin before it sets up, thinning it out may help for the first coat and then use CSM.

If theres a backer disreguard then. One other thing that may help is using blue foam, its is easy to sand and shape and is somewhat cheap and is resistant to epoxy resins. Good luck and keep us posted I like what your doing!! I have an idea for your other 3 gauges make your own rear view mirror type thing and have a light film of mirror type film instead of a real mirror on it with the 3 gauges behind it.

Have it so it looks like a normal mirror untill the gauges are lit. Another wild fiberflass. You know how they have the lil dash pods made for 3 gauges?

Well make your own sun visors and have one of the lil 3 gauge pod type things fiberglassed onto it so they are right there in view above your head. I can come up with ideas all what is the religion of italy I'd throw your extra gauges right on top of the dash where the factory gauges go.

Make some bubbles and fade them back into the dash. You could use some abs pipe the right size and length. I'd blend id down into the dash the closer it gets to the windshield. Picture the way headlights on a Porsche look. You guys just gave me some serious ideas I'm definately going to consider. I'm glad I posted that now. Anyways, how to build a fiberglass dash only problem I'm fiverglass with the gauge location is keeping everything looking smooth and clean.

I don't want 6 gauges cluttered fibervlass so their location is going to be ideal. As daah the cloth, it's a thick type of cotton. Almost like sweater material. I used it on my door panels which are complete and it turned how to make a polished concrete countertop nice.

I'm trying to get all this done before how to build a fiberglass dash weather turns cold on me. I still have ALOT of sanding to do after yo. What do you guys think of my idea putting the gauges in a row form on near the airbag cover passenger side of the dash??

Any input? How about the A-piller?? I'd keep those gauges as close to the driver's seat area as possible. You don't want to have to look over into the passenger's seat to see how the engine is running when you're doing a hard pull or anything. Just my. I say sunvisor. I think I might just try my sunvisor idea on my car. If only I knew how to do what you do. Made the general shape of the pasenger side using ribs of foam board. Then put the guages inbetween the area. Time to carve this stuff out.

I can shape it literally any way I want. Here's some progress pics. Very promising Keep us informed. Finally got the glassin part going on. Artago Proven Member. Looking good. Keep at it. Hey guys put some hours into her again today. May not how to copy a music cd to my hard drive like much progress from the previous pics, but believe me it is.

I finished the entire side of the driver's side venting and dash. Anyone who has done fiberglass before will tell you all about loeb spots.

Meaning that it looks very hwo, but when you run your hand over the surface it's gots some imperfections. So, I went through the entire side and took care of most these spots. Also if you'll notice, anytime you are doing something where pigtails harnesses and electricals are exposed you should ALWAYS cover them up.

Introduction: Making Small Fiberglass Parts...

Dec 24, got some new footage working on the dash, filling unwanted holes with going to be adding a 10" rockford sub in a fiberglass box, stay tuned f. Nov 04, Catching you up on me fiberglassing my entire Toyota Celica dashboard and making it my own! If you want to see LIVE updates, vids and pics log on to facebook. How to Make a Fiberglass Dash. Measure the interior of your car from side to side and then make measurements of the depth and height of the dash. Cut Styrofoam to the length and width of the dash for the top. Shape your Styrofoam to mimic the shape of your dash.

Most auto trimmers have the knowledge and skills to wrap a dashboard in leather, but not many can create an entire custom dash from scratch. While auto upholstery is certainly a multi-discipline trade , few trimmers have the fiberglass and metal-shaping expertise to tackle such a daunting task. Fortunately, there are companies from which auto trimmers can order custom fiberglass dashboards. Dashworks by Paul Atkins is one such company offering both contemporary and vintage style dashes for most American vehicles from to In fact, Dashworks offers a line of custom dashes for over different applications.

Each constructed from high-quality composite and fiberglass materials. While Dashworks has the largest selection, other companies offer impressive custom dashes designed for more specific makes and models.

The custom dashboards offered by all three of these companies are vehicle specific making for a relatively painless install. Please contact me as soon as possible. I would appreciate it. I have a El Camino.

I prefer gauges to idiot lights so I am interested in a custom dash. Can you help? Thanks in Advance. I have a El Camino SS. I am in need of a new dash. Were you able to find someone that you would recommend to make a new dash.? There are a lot of us Pontiac Fiero guys looking for a company that does custom leather stitched dashes for our stock dashes , while there are many aftermarket dashes , some of us would like to keep it stock but with a custom stitched dash.

Is this a task you would take on. Read it again and get in touch with the companies mentioned in the article if you want to buy something. I need classic mini custom made dashboard going for award winning mini! Cheers kieran. Hello everyone. I appreciate you reading my article. There seems to be some confusion that I would like to clear up.

The Hog Ring does not create custom dashboards nor can we help you with your individual projects. If you are enquiring about a custom dashboard contact these companies to see if they have one that will fit your vehicle.

If not, contact your local auto upholstery shop and ask if they could build you a custom dashboard. I have a Dodge Diesel, Extended Cab. I want a new Dash. I am willing to pay what ever it would cost to get it made. I am in the middle of rebuilding it.

Please email me back a quote. The dashes you posted are fabulous! See the problem, Naseem? You wrote too much. Too much. Thanks Corpus Christi Tx. Can you replicate the dash for a lincoln continental 2door? Do you have any stock models for this year? If you are able to make a custom dash for it please let me know, also pricing. And if you know of any other companies that make custom dashes please let me know!

I have a 94 Saturn Sc2. However the dash part that goes over the vents and meets the windshield is the piece I need. I live in Las Vegas and there really isnt anywhere I can get this done. What can you guys do for me? Great article Naseem, thanks for the info, i did not know there was anyone in the business of building complete dash assemblies. I just wonder if all these people pay as much attention to their work as they do the articles?

Oh, and by the way, while im at it, can you make me a . Keep up the good work guys. Once again. I have Holden HQ I would love to get the dash board reconditioned. I love this thread! It offers great insight into how our attention spans have been reduced to nothing. It would be interesting for you Naseem to earn extra money for a sale everytime a dashboard is sold LOL too many potential customers appeared at once!

I think the Hog Ring Forum would be a good means to do business in the upholstery field??? Need a dash for an c4 corvette with 6 autometer gauge cutouts or any other dash configuration that will fit thank you for your time. I was wondering if you could make a double din dash kit for the Honda Civic. My plan is to move the temperature control below the double din.

I want to change the complete dashboard panel of my Infiniti fx35 because mine is completely melted and the car is not available in United States. I need a price quote to order a quality one that would never melt away. Hello I have a ford f1 Currently getting body and paint work done Iv been looking for a new dash everywhere Wondering if you guys are able to help. Hey I have a Dodge Power wagon that I would like a new dash for, would you be able to do that?

This has to be the funniest comment section I have ever read. Btw I need a custom dash for my B Naseem, Hope you can answer this question. Who is the supplier of the black dash, photographed at the top of this news item?

Holly crap!! This is the first blog I have looked at and I am quite amused. I would like coustom dash for my 95 ford ranger,old style,would that be possible? Thank you Cindy. I have a silverado z71 im restoring. Id like to see if its possible to get a dash similar to the silverados put in it with screen and push buttons. As well as a quote. Can you make me a dash for my 69 Skylark Custom?

The plastic is disintegrated after sitting in a field for 20 years without a windshield. Thanks for the great comment section, too! I have a Dodge Charger RT that was recently stolen. The ignition was tore out and the Stereo system. The dash pretty much made a mess of. I want to go something custom that no other Charger has the same look. Can you help me; if so what can you do?

I have a 4 door chevy nova, the dash is a little our dated for my taste. I was wondering if i could have a custom dash made for it. How much would it be? Best Regards. Can your company make this for me? If so, how much? I live in Minneapolis MN and have a 79 chevy impala. I want the dash board and rear deck fiberglass for some after market speakers. I need help finding a place close to do the work for me. Hello, If I send you my dash can you fabricate one using it as a template?

You can take as long as necessary. No rush. As for material to use, what ever you think is best. Hardened plastic I suppose? I like what you said about various dash pads and how they constructed from composite and fiberglass materials. I think that installing an older dash pad is a great way to maintain a classic look in your vehicle. Anyone know of a shop that does custom dashboards for Jeep Wranglers?

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