How to activate smart roaming while abroad

how to activate smart roaming while abroad

How To Activate and Deactivate International Roaming for Smart

You can easily activate again the roaming feature of your Smart SIM card by activating it through Smart`s official webpage. These are the steps to activate roaming on your Smart SIM card: Step 1: Go to this official webpage of Smart and create an account. [LINK VISIBLE TO REGISTERED USERS - CLICK HERE TO SEE THIS LINK] Step 2: After you are done creating your Smart account, log-in and . With Smart Telecommunications, you also activate it just by texting ROAM ON to They activate it immediately. But the disadvantage of Smart activating your roaming immediately is that they also disable calls to you. From the time of activation, whether or not you're abroad and using their roaming service, no one can call you.

Smart Philippines. For Postpaid Subscribers:. Go to www. Register and log-in to Web Connect. For Prepaid What blood test for thyroid. Select International Roaming Activation or Deactivation. While roaming:. Making International Calls:. Calling the Phils:. Calling to Mobile Phone:. Calling another country:. Incoming Calls:. Callers can reach the subscriber by dialing the Mobile Roamong.

Share on Facebook. Share on Twitter. Here are the procedures on how to activate and deactivate your international roaming of your Smart Cellphone Smart Mobile Phone Account. Email a Friend. It has been read times and generated 18 comments. The article was created on 21 November and updated on 21 November Comments display order: By default New comments first Old comments first. Can you help me with this? Gilbert John Q. Thank you. How do I activate smart prepaid roaming while abroad when I have not registered to a smart web account before leaving the country?

I just registered but to link my prepaid number, I need to receive a verification code. How can I receive the verification code when I don't have a roaming signal in the smart prepaid number I'm linking?

Haidee A. Magmanlac 30 June PM [ Entry ] what is the procedure to activate the roaming if my husband is already onboard? Pls help me. Home » Articles » Mobile Phones. Please support us in writing articles like this by sharing this post Share this post to your Facebook, Twitter, Blog, or any social media site.

In activafe way, we will be motivated to write articles you like. Comments display order: By default New comments first Old comments first mj 18 March AM [ Entry ] I logged in to your website to activate international roaming but it keep saying service unavailable whhile try again later.


Call * or * for Smart Infinity users to ensure that your roaming service is active. For hassle-free roaming experience, please update your account & settle any unpaid balance. Home › Activating Roaming Feature for Smart Prepaid Smart Prepaid and TNT subscribers may send and receive SMS while roaming in over destinations worldwide. They can also make and receive calls in selected countries. To activate: Text ROAM ON to SMART PREPAID SURF ABROAD is a service that allows SMART Prepaid subscribers to access the internet while roaming at a flat rate of P per day. With this service, all prepaid SMART subscribers will be able to access their emails and view their favorite social network sites even while abroad.

This post will show you the different possible ways to do it whether you are in the Philippines or already abroad. Activating the roaming feature of respective telecoms powered smartphones is one of the concerns of both the first time and frequent travelers.

The reason is basically the same, they want to stay connected with their loved ones, friends, and colleagues in the Philippines. Needless to say, with the use of the internet, there are many ways to stay connected with our contacts without the roaming option. You can rent a pocket WIFI, or purchase a sim card from local telco of the destination country to stay connected via the internet during the course of your trip. You can use all the online applications for messaging, and video calls.

However, these options come with a cost and sometimes are not always hassle-free. Allow me to share with you my experience. For example, renting pocket wifi in South Korea.

In order for you to rent pocket wifi, you need to leave the details of your credit card to the shop where you rented the device. For that particular store, they do not accept debit cards. They will charge the credit card if you did not return the device after your rental duration has ended.

At least according to the store attendant that I have talked to. Purchasing a prepaid sim card for one-time use on your destination country is also not cheap just so you can stay connected with your contacts in the Philippines.

More so, it is not value for money if you are not internet data-heavy on the duration of your trip. If you only carry one smartphone then you need to change sim cards which can cause hassle every time. You also need to inform your contacts in the Philippines about your new overseas number during your travel. Also, I only use it to connect using FB messenger, and different mobile map applications for directions. Because at night time at the hotel, we only use the in-house wifi.

I also only use it to connect with Facebook, and Map applications. Most of the time, you can use wifi hotspots of the hotel where you are staying. Its free and probably high speed especially in South Korea. The steps are very simple, but first, you need to have a minimum balance of Php to activate the roaming feature.

Also, make sure to have enough balance to avail of the different roaming packages. This option is available before you leave the Philippines. Using your favorite web browser such as Chrome and Safari, at the search bar type in roam.

From the data roaming manager, you can select the roaming package based on your specific needs during your out of the country travel. Afterward, Subscribe to the package. To be able to enjoy the benefits of staying connected with your loved ones using your TNT powered mobile device, you have to activate its roaming option. Make sure to maintain the required load balance of Php to enjoy the roaming benefits.

You can call the Sun Cellular hotline number using your mobile device or call the 02 using your landline. The other option is to visit a Sun Shop near your location to help you activate the roaming feature.

Turn Off your smartphone, then turn it ON to allow your device to automatically connect to the Sun local telco partner. Make sure you have enough balance prior to the activation of the roaming option. The minimum credits of Php is required to keep your roaming services active. Check Here! How to Find Jobs Abroad for Filipinos. All rights reserved. Share on Facebook Share on Pinterest. Table of Contents.

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