How do i save excel to pdf

how do i save excel to pdf

How to Save Selection in Excel as PDF (3 Easy Methods)

Apr 12,  · To save the file as a PDF in Excel, open the Save As dialog, and select PDF from the “Save as type” dropdown menu. Alternatively, you can go to Export > Export to XPS/PDF. From here, you have a few options. You can decide whether to optimize the file for Standard or Minimum, which will determine the final quality and filesize of the document. Follow these easy steps to turn a Microsoft Excel file into a PDF: Click the Select a file button above, or drag and drop a file into the drop zone. Select the XLS or XLSX file you want to convert to PDF format. After uploading the Excel sheet, Acrobat automatically converts it to the PDF file format.

Posted by John Apr 19, Tutorials 0. This is the most commonly used method and you might have already used how to do start run in windows 8 once or twice already.

Easy enough, and your new PDF file will be saved in the same location as the Excel file is saved. If you want to change the save location or access other advanced PDF file options then you can click on the More options link just below the file type selection.

This will open up a the Save As menu and you can navigate to a new save location as well as access the advanced Options for PDF files. You can add the publish as PDF command to the quick access toolbar to avoid the step of going to the File tab. Right click anywhere on the quick access toolbar and choose Customize Quick Access Toolbar from the menu. This is one of my favourites on the list as it does two things for you.

Again, right click on the quick access toolbar and choose Customize Quick Access Toolbar from the menu. When you press this command, it will automatically create a new Outlook email with a subject line of the Excel workbook name.

The PDF of the converted Excel file will also be added as an attachment. All the previous options to convert your Excel file to PDF are great and they will save you valuable clicks, but they are not automated. This means you can convert PDF files as part of some automated process.

You could use this to do things like automatically create and send PDF invoices by email at the end of the month. The first to convert the file and the second to create the file. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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Excel Files as PDFs

Apr 15,  · There are two ways you can convert an Excel file to a PDF. The first is to save it as a PDF file directly—to do this, press File > Save As and ensure that PDF is selected under the Save as type Author: Ben Stockton. Apr 19,  · Go to the File tab. Go to the Save a Copy tab. Select PDF as the file type. Press the Save button. How to save selection or entire workbook as PDF in Excel? 1. Select the range you want to save as PDF file, and then click Kutools Plus > Import / Export > Export Range to File. See screenshot: 2. In the Export Range to File dialog box, you need to: B: If you want to keep the formatting, row heights.

Excel has some great features that make it really easy to export workbooks, worksheets, and even parts of a worksheet to a number of other formats. But what if you want to save just a part of the worksheet, rather than the whole sheet itself? For example, say you have the following data set, and you only want to save the first 4 columns the shaded area to PDF, not the entire sheet. In this tutorial, we will explain how you can save a selected range of cells as a PDF format file in Excel.

We will look at three ways to do this. Throughout this tutorial, we will be using the following dataset. We will apply the above three methods to save only the shaded portion of the sheet to PDF. This is a very commonly used method as it is simple and can usually be applied to any Excel version. To save a selected range of cells to PDF, here are the steps that you need to follow:. You will find the selected range of cells saved into a PDF file.

The good thing, however, is that this is just a copy, so your original Excel sheet remains preserved the way it was. This method is suitable for you if you are using Excel versions and higher. Here are the steps you need to follow:. There may be cases where you need a number of selections saved as separate PDFs in a single folder. In such cases, this method works really well and can reduce the amount of time you spend clicking and exporting. By using VBA, you can get multiple selections saved in quick succession.

The following code lets you save a selection to PDF in the same folder as the original Excel file:. Excel should open your saved selection in your default browser or PDF viewer. We stored the value entered in the string newpdfname. We added this to the path of the original Excel workbook, pdfpath because we want to save the new PDF to the same folder as the original Excel workbook. If you intend to publish multiple selections as multiple PDFs, you can create a Quick Access button to quickly run the code with just a click.

Saving Excel worksheets or a selection from them has a few advantages, especially if you want to share or send the document with others. Some of these include:. The first method involves the use of the Save As dialog box, the second one involves the use of the Publish As dialog box and the third one involves the use of VBA code. Removes Dashes in Excel. Remove Dollar Sign in Excel. Compare Two Columns in Excel.

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